Jun 5, 2010

Congrats Logan!

Day 217

Yesterday was Logan's last day of the 1st grade. Holy crap on a crutch! Logan will be going into the 2nd grade next year!

Last Wednesday his class had a special presentation for the parents. The kids planned the program which featured songs about dinosaurs and they did some acting.

Logan looked tired and didn't look like he was really into the singing. But when it was his time to act, he took the matter seriously. Him and some of his friends did a small play called Signs of Spring and he was the Sun. He had his part all memorized and everything! When it was his time to say his words he said them really fast but very serious. All the kids did a real cute and good job.

Logan's teacher was awesome this year. She even won the Teacher of the Year Award. You can tell from how she speaks that she really loves the children. She even called this one of her best classes she has ever had. I am glad that Logan didn't drive her nuts all the time.

Logan did have some issues in class but Mrs. Petersen was very good with him. I remember her telling us a story about Logan disrupting the class. She was in the middle of teaching the class when suddenly she looked over at Logan's table (it was four desks put together in a square) and she saw his head poking out in the middle of the desks. What impressed me was that she laughed about it. She didn't laugh about it then, she told him to sit down correctly but afterwards she chuckled to herself. At least Logan's disruptions were funny and not rude.

We made Logan reenact the Head Poking Situation

Last night we took him out to special dinner. He choose to go to the Texas Roadhouse and we went and got Aggie Ice Cream after. When we pulled into the parking lot I noticed a university cop on the other side of the road. Logan for the life of him couldn't see him. Then when we were leaving he kept telling us that he saw a cow in the cop car that was crammed in the window. I was teasing him about it and I think he was teasing us as well and it was making Kristy laugh. Logan didn't like that at all. Finally he blurted out "Mom, don't laugh at my non-joke!" Now that was funny!


  1. Wow! I can't believe Logan is moving into the 2nd grade! They grow up so fast! Loved his comment about his "non-joke!" Ha ha ha!!

  2. I think he has your sense of humor! Texas Roadhouse? Where did he come up with that one and what did he order... he must get his love of food from me!