Jun 15, 2010

Dumb Pheasant Road

Day 227

You learn something new every day. Last week as I was helping a lady move I learned something that I didn't know.

If you plan on raising turkeys, make sure that you raise them with chickens. A friend of mine told me that and that intrigued me. I had to know why so I asked him. Apparently, turkeys bred in captivity are so stupid that they need chickens around them to teach them how to eat and drink. Turkeys in the wild, while still stupid, can survive but tame turkeys are just that stupid. He then told me of stories of how turkeys have died and I was surprised about how dumb they really are.

That shouldn't have surprised me all that much. I know some wild birds are not that smart at all. It reminded me of a time my friend Lared and I were driving to his house. Lared lives in North Logan and at the time it was pretty sparse. Not a lot of neighbors and houses, just a lot of open fields. As we were driving we looked over to the right and saw this big beautiful pheasant take flight. It was awesome, it crossed over the car just a foot above us and soared across the street.

Right into the brown door of this house. 

Yes, it crashed head first into a large brown front door of the only house across the street.

At first it was like something out a nature show. You could almost hear the beautiful classical music playing in the background as this colorful and majestic bird made its way across the road. Then you could hear the record player scratch itself and stop as that dumb bird hit a house. How the heck did it not see the house? It was the only house on the street! And why did it hit in right in the front door? It was not like the door was open either. It was a solid brown oak door and it hit the door hard. It collapsed on the porch on its back and shook its legs to get upright. Lared and I looked at each other and laughed.

From that point on we named the road, Dumb Pheasant Road.


  1. That is a funny, funny story. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I never knew turkeys were so stupid. Thanks for teaching me something new... and thanks for making me laugh! :)

  3. Did it live or die?

  4. HIL-A-RI-OUS!! Thanks for the laugh! And what an appropriate name for that street!

  5. I've been on that street.