Jun 25, 2010

List-Mania: Tom Petty Songs

Day 237

I was not sure what to blog about until I turned on my iTunes. I just recently got Tom Petty's new album Mojo (which is fantastic!) and thought I should continue my List-Mania tradition of posting my favorite bands and what my favorite songs of theirs are. A few months ago I put together a couple of List-Mania columns listing my favorite Queen and U2 songs and today in honor of the new album, I am listing my favorite Tom Petty songs.

I have always known Tom Petty and have been familiar with most of his music throughout my life but it wasn't until the release of Full Moon Fever that I really became a fan of his. The first song I heard of his was his duet with Stevie Nicks and I kinda dug that song. I next saw his freaky video for Don’t Come Around Here No More, (which was a play on Alice in Wonderland and the memorable ending with them all eating cake which was Alice). I liked the song but never totally got into Petty until I heard the song I Won’t Back Down. I bought that album (Full Moon Fever) and picked up his next album and also his collaborations with the Traveling Wilburys.

Since then I have picked up every single album that he has come out with faithfully. I was quite excited to hear that he was coming on tour and he made a stop in Salt Lake City to support his The Last DJ album.
I prefer his solo stuff but his collaborations with the Heartbreakers, The Traveling Wilbury's and Mudcrutch cannot be ignored. He proves you do not have to have a great voice to be a great musician.
5) Walls

There are two versions of this song and I really like this one because it is more upbeat. Originally, Lindsay Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac) offered his voice to this song but I could not find it anywhere. This live version works just as well. The lyrics of this song really strikes me especially the part even walls fall down. Good words to live by.
4) Don't Come Around Here No More

Tom Petty sure can do some creepy videos. This was the first song that Tom made that got my attention. I love the lyrics, there are times that I wish I could say this to people. I also love to play this song on my bass. When I think of the Mad Hatter, I think of Tom Petty and I just love how sinister he gets the longer this video goes. I just got an autobiography on Tom Petty and I hope he explains this video and song.
3) Wildflowers

This is not the official video, this song was not released as a single. Everything about this song is just gorgeous. The melody, the lyrics and the fine guitar work.
2) I Won't Back Down

The song that started it all. My mom introduced me to the Traveling Wilbury's and I loved them. C'mon, who wouldn't love a supergroup with George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison? They guested (along with Ringo Starr) on this song. I love the message and I love the guitars on this.
1) Last Dance With Mary Jane

I still love this song even though the video is so creepy. The guitar riff and the harmonica blend so perfectly and gives this song a hardened edge even though the song is kinda tender.
I am never disappointed in Tom Petty and his music. It is uplifting and at times just plain out rocks.


  1. Nice selection of songs/videos! I used to get freaked out by the "Don't Come Around Here No More" video (especially the end with the cake of Alice being eaten!)but now I just enjoy it! One of my favorite videos is Tom Petty's "Into the Great Wide Open" with Johnny Depp, Gabrielle Anwar and Faye Dunaway! That one was so cool!

  2. I love Tom Petty. You didn't happen to give this music to Jill did you?

  3. I too love "Wildflowers"