Jun 17, 2010

Huckleberry Eats

Day 229

Logan and Kristy filled me in on all the details of their fun trip to Glacier National Park and they got me a surprise souvenir.

They know me so well that they got me a bottle of Huckleberry Creme Soda made right in Missoula. They also got me a Huckleberry Chocolate Bar and some Huckleberry Fudge. I am guessing huckleberries are all the rage up their in Montana.

The soda was fantastic. It had a very sweet flavor and was very mellow. The fudge was great too but I thought that chocolate was too strong. Eating and drinking all this huckleberry stuff made me curious so I was looking up some information about the huckleberry and this quote on Wikimedia made me laugh.

"Huckleberries are enjoyed by many mammals, including grizzly bears and humans."

Good thing Logan is a mammal. He might not have enjoyed the fudge.

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