Jun 21, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

Day 233

That is the major disadvantage of writing blogs in advance. You schedule things without looking at the calendar. I didn't even think about putting up a Father's Day blog since I was busy adding pictures to my Girl's Camp blog instead. And it didn't even dawn on me until later on.


I have been very blessed to have a great father in my life. You can read all about him here. It is great to have a dad that not only I work with but I can also share my life with. And eat KFC Double Down sandwiches with. And watch interesting movies and chow down on Junior Mints with. Happy Father's Day Dad! You are the best!

I had a great weekend, I was truly spoiled by Logan and Kristy. Saturday afternoon they came in to my room while I was reading and they gave me a card. On the card they had an agenda of what they wanted to do for me for Father's Day.

We went to Old Navy and I got to pick out some new shorts and some shirts. It seems like I can always find something for dirt cheap that I like at Old Navy. Then we walked over to Borders and Logan got me my annual Anthlon football magazine. Every year, for the last 10 years I have got this awesome magazine for either my birthday or Father's Day.

I wish I could choose which cover to get. I am tired of Denver every year for the last ten years. Give me some variety.

Then I got to choose where I wanted to go out and eat. But before we went, Logan wanted to surprise me by stopping by Alvey's and picking up some chocolates. Then we hit Coasta Vida and I got an awesome salad. We came home and scarfed our food and I read my football magazine.

Yesterday I was also treated to some ice cream and my favorite dinner. Like I said, I got majorly spoiled by my fam.

On Kristy's blog, she interviewed Logan about me and I am stealing that material for my blog today.

Q: Why is your dad the best?

Logan: He is strong.
(It must be my professional wrestling skills that make him think I am so strong. I am sure he will change his mind in a couple of years when he finds out the truth)

Q: What does your dad do for you that you like the best?

Logan: He helps me.
(Only when he allows me to help him)

Q: What do you think your dad does while you are at school?

Logan: Stay home and read comics and sleep and drink Mountain Dew.
(Yeah, that is pretty much the truth. I cannot deny that)

Q: What is your dad's favorite thing to say?

Logan: LOGAN!!!!
(He is so full of himself ;) )

Q: What is your dad's favorite thing to do?

Logan: Uh, to eat, mom.
(I do like to eat. I think he sees me eat more than anything)

Q: What is your dad's favorite thing to eat?

Logan: Mountain Dew.
(Yeah, that is about right)

Q: What do you think dad does when you go to bed?

Logan: He eats ice cream.
(He knows Kristy and I eat ice cream since he always finds the evidence)

Q: What scares your dad?

Logan: I don't really know, so....
(I am sure he would have said tornadoes)

Q: Does your dad ever get mad? How do you know if he is mad?

Logan: Yes. When he goes, "Stop it, you!"
(I am so glad he didn't say something to the effect of my eyebrows becoming horizontal)

Q: What does your dad do to you that makes you mad?

Logan: When he says that I can't do something. Or when he scares the crap out of me.
(I totally scared the crap out of Kristy and Logan twice while they were putting this together. No wonder he said that)

Q: What makes your dad laugh?

Logan: Funniest Home Videos.
(This is true. My favorite videos are the pranks, cats and people falling on their face)

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  1. What a nice surprise from Kristy and Logan! I'm glad you had a nice Father's Day! P.S. Just what is wrong with Denver being on the cover of that football magazine?! Actually, I'm kidding. I just have to say that because I live in Colorado. It's like an oath or something!