Jun 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

Day 240

Happy Birthday to me!

Yup, it is my birthday and I am already feeling much better than yesterday and the day before. Eventually I will blog about what happened but right now I would rather dwell on the positive and kick the negative to the curb.

I would like to give a special shout-out to all those that called, e-mailed, Facebooked and contacted me wishing me a happy birthday. I appreciate it all. I have a fantastic set of family and friends.

My Aunt Margo always sends a homemade card with her artwork.

My day started like it has for the last couple of days. I have woken up all hot and muggy, not my favorite thing to wake up too. And it is not hot flashes like some might think, I just am not friends with the heat like I am with the cold. I was happy for the cool morning and I took off to go work at my Dad's. My dad wished me a Happy Birthday and gave me one of the greatest birthday cards you can get. He went to the store and was looking all over for a perfect card and just couldn't find one. Then he found one but was taken back by how much it cost. It was around $4 and my dad thought that money would be better spent. So he bought me these two HUGE boxes of Junior Mints (larger than the ones you get at the movies) and put a note in between. He said he would rather have four dollars worth of Junior Mints than a four dollar card! I am finding out that my dad and I are a lot alike. We ate some cinnamon rolls and I was only there for a few hours. He gave me a few hours off for my birthday!

I came home and promptly went out for a run. It was already getting warm but I wanted to take advantage of the coolness of the morning. So I went out thinking I would have a terrible time running. I was already very tired (I didn't sleep all that good because of the heat) and I have not been out since last Thursday. Surprisingly, my run went very well and I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would.

My mom came over later in the evening to watch Logan (he wanted to spend time with Grandma Platis instead of going out to eat as a family) and she got me a wonderful gift. An autobiography on Larry H. Miller, a prominent Utah businessman and former owner of the Utah Jazz. We managed to convince Logan to go out to eat and we all went to the Beehive Grill. We came home and Kristy and I went out birthday shopping. I couldn't decide what to get but I did manage to come home with a box of Otter Pops. Man, I have been craving those like nothing else. We ate cake and ice cream and Kristy and Logan got me a neat birthday gift. Something I never thought I would be happy to get and something I am sure Kristy never thought she would get me.

Yay! New shoes!

I got a new pair of running shoes! And they look killer and feel so light. I cannot wait to try them out. I am sure Kristy is on cloud nine, finally after a decade of trying, she has got me running. I still don't like it all that much but I see the benefit.

Now you can see how big of box those Junior Mints are!

I also got a nice unexpected message from a friend of mine from long, long ago. A couple of days ago I blogged about my 5th grade and I mentioned another blog I wrote about a certain experience that I regret. This person sent me a message telling me not to worry about. She didn't remember the incident at all. It was nice to have that burden lifted.

So all in all I had a nice day. Again, I appreciate the kind words and birthday wishes.


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a good one

  2. Yay for new running shoes!!! :) So glad you had a good birthday!

  3. I just find it ironic that you are running and I can't. At least someone's doing it.