Jun 6, 2010

Go Blackhawks!

Day 218

Crap! I was just in the middle of writing today's blog when I thought maybe I should check to see if I already shared this story. And sure enough, I already have. RATS! Now I have to think of something else.

Kristy and Logan are out on vacation with her parents for the rest of the week and already I kinda miss them. I was going to go but I will be gone most of the week next week when I go to Girl's Camp and I didn't want to miss going to work two weeks in a row.

So you would think that with all the extra time on my hands and no interruptions while blogging that I could come up with some sort of topic. But it just ain't happening today.

So I think I am going to take the day off from having an official blog. Besides I have a ton of things that I need to do today. I just got back from a church meeting and I will have another one here in a half an hour. And then it is church where I am going to teach the primary (children) again. And then I will cook me a nice meal and watch the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight.

It's too bad that hockey is not that big here in the States. At least most of the Stanley Cup games are on TV. I wish I had the Versus Network, I would have been able to watch almost ALL of the playoff games. The Stanley Cup is between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers. Both teams have not won the Cup in at least 25 years. I am going with the Blackhawks only because I hate the Flyers and the reason why I hate the Flyers is because of one nasty player from years past. Yes, I still hold a grudge. I do admit that he was quite the goalie but he also was a bully. During the 1987 Stanley Cup Finals with my beloved Edmonton Oilers, he would slash and hit Oiler players on their legs leaving large welts and bruises. He also slashed one player so bad that he got an eight-game suspension for the start of the new season.

And that is why I am voting for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Yes, I am petty.

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  1. I'm only on my 3rd day of this challenge and I'm already unsure of what to blog about for tomorrow, so I can definitely understand where you are coming from. But this was a great blog entry, even though it wasn't what you originally wanted to write. I hope you won't be too lonely without Kristy and Logan this week!