Oct 25, 2010

From the SoapBox: Car Problems

Day 359

There are few things that really send me in a tizzy.

1) Computer Problems

2) Car Problems

3) Dental Problems

Today I got to find out what was behind Door #2. We own two cars but when I quit my last job, the Geo Prizm became expendable. So it has stayed in our driveway for the last two years. This wasn't a big deal since Kristy could use the car during the day and I only would need it late at night when I worked the night shift at my dad's house. Then last spring I switched to working during days but that still didn't pose a problem since Kristy would just ride her bike to work. But winter has struck and it has become much too cold to ride a bike in and I don't want to go back to the night shift so we need to bring the Prizm out of retirement.

And apparently, the Geo wants to stay in retirement.

It's dead Jim.

My dad came over to help me jump the car (nothing could resuscitate it) and so he gave me ride to go get a new battery. I was so excited to put a new battery in and get my old baby up and running.

And nothing.

I hate car repairs. I hate it when something goes wrong with the car. It is probably because I know that I am WAY out of my element. I know absolutely nothing about cars and I get a little embarrassed defensive that I know nothing about cars.

I am a man! I should know exactly how to hotwire the cooling  plate that is located under the iron plug.

See?  I know nothing about cars! I cannot even fake it.

So I am thinking. I just might have to go to mechanics school and take some classes. I would love to know what makes a car run and make repairs. Or at least know what the heck I should talking about. I hate asking for help (that could make for another blog) on my cars but in this case I am going to have to bite the carburetor and do it. I think it is the Starter. But I wouldn't put stock in that. Once I figure it out, I am very tempted to try to fix it myself. There is a ton of How-To-Do stuff online, I am sure I could find the right instructions.

Ugh.. I hate car problems. Anyone willing to help an car imbecile?

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