Oct 27, 2010

Did I Scare You?

Day 361

It is no secret that I love to scare people. My dad, wife, sister and kid can all attest to that. I love watching people get scared as well. I don't mind too much when it happens to me either. I don't know why but I like the feeling of fear.

Before serving my LDS mission I had the greatest opportunity to put the scare into people. I had just come home early from working at Pepperidge Farms and I noticed that Damond and his friend Tyge was out in Damond's driveway talking. I stopped to chat with them and they were planning their date for that evening. They invited me along but I was dirty and tired and so I politely declined. Then Tyge asked me if I would be interested in wearing a gorilla suit and scaring the crap out of their dates.

Like I would turn down an invitation like that.

So they told me that they would be up the canyon at the Guineva camping ground around 7-7:30. I took the costume and went home and showered and ate and then got ready to go. I wore the suit down (except for the mask) and by the time I got there it was already getting dark. I spotted Damond's car so I knew that they were close. And then I could hear Tyge telling this spooky story by the campfire. Damond was there with his date (I think it was Brenea) and Tyge was there was Damond's sister Denise. I put on my mask and crept down towards them. I hid behind a tree and was only a few feet away from the group. I peered around the corner to get myself familiar with my surroundings and then I made my move.

I jumped from out beside the tree and landed with a loud roar and crashed right in front of the them. What I didn't expect is that the gorilla mask shifted too. It fell down further off my face and masked my eyes so I couldn't see that clearly. But that didn't stop me. I ran towards Damond and ran gut first right into the picnic table! And that made me mad so I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I definitely scared them. Tyge spotted me right before I jumped out but Damond had no idea I was there and even though he knew I was coming, I still scared him. All I could see of him was that he was crawling over his date. One of the girls (and I think it was Denise) screamed very loudly. Finally they all noticed Tyge laughing and the gig was up. I took off my mask and I am surprised that the girls didn't kill me. I stayed for a few minutes longer and chatted with them before I went home.

But before I went home I decided to have a little more fun with the costume. I walked past the bathrooms and noticed that some girls that were going into the bathroom. So I waited for them to come out to give them a scare. I thought that I was being really nice because I wouldn't scare the pee out of them since I let them use the bathroom first. I stayed just off the path and barely in the moonlight when they came out. They got closer to me so I stepped in the moonlight and just on to the path. Just enough that the girls saw a hairy outline. They stopped right in there tracks and pointed right at me. "What is that? Is that someone?" They called out. I said nothing and then I moved a bit closer and more on the pathway. It didn't take them long to scream and bolt! I thought about chasing them but I thought that would be too mean.

But I was not done. As I was walking back to my car I saw a family sitting around the campfire and thought I could scare them as well. I put my mask on and ran into their campground and grunted and yelled. I ran right towards the family and jumped right over the campfire and kept running. I could hear a plethora of screams behind me. I laughed and laughed and took my mask off as I got to my car. As I was getting in I thought about how foolish this could have been. That dad could have caught me and beaten me to a pulp. But what was done was done. So I hopped in my car and drove out to the highway. As I was driving down the highway I passed a cop car that had his lights on. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw them pull into that camp ground.

I wonder if they were after me? I drove home and thought I should cruise main street in Logan with my mask on. I got a ton of second looks. Sometimes they would see me and tell the others in the car to look over and I would take my mask off before they could look.

I also drove up to USU and stopped by to see a few girls and of course scare them.

I wish I had a gorilla suit. 


  1. But.....sometimes you hit people when they scare you. Even if it's not on purpose.

  2. Classic!! I'm glad you didn't get busted by the cops! What an experience!