Oct 14, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 6

Day 348

What a fantastic Monday Night game! My Jets were very lucky that they won, lucky that the Vikings didn't make those catches when they needed them. I thought for sure we were going to see more of the usual Favre magic. The Jets's clock management almost cost them the game. Who throws when you are supposed to run the clock down? And why run a pass play seconds before the two minute warning?

Rising: Atlanta Falcons
The Falcons showed some gumption by winning from behind a few weeks ago against San Fransisco but good teams win against teams they should win against and they did so against Cleveland.

Falling: Green Bay Packers
The Packers should have won that game against the Redskins but now they have lost more than just that game. The injuries suffered during that game will definitely take their toll. But even before the injuries the Packers were not playing very good football.

Last week I got 7/14 again and I blame the Bungals. I will bounce back this week.

Seattle at Chicago:
I think this game will be closer and much better than most people think. Head Coach Pete Carroll has his Seahawks playing hard but Chicago's monster defense will keep the Bears in front the whole time.
Winner: Chicago Bears

Miami at Green Bay:
If Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn't play the Packers will be in a lot of trouble. Well, more trouble than they are in anyway. The Dolphins win on the road and have had time on the bye week to get their act together. The Dolphins continue to win on the road.
Winner: Miami Dolphins

San Diego at St. Louis:
Both teams are coming off hard losses. The Rams were blown out and the Charger's special teams fell apart. Good teams bounce back after terrible losses but I am not sure which team is the better one. The Chargers have more talent but the Rams are at home. Decisions, decisions.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Baltimore at New England:
The Patriots will want to revenge their ugly playoff loss last year to the Ravens but they traded one of their best weapons. It is hard to replace that type of talent but if any team could do it, it is the Pats. The Ravens are the hottest team in the NFL right now and a trip to frosty Foxboro will cool them off a bit. But just a bit.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans at Tampa Bay:
Tampa Bay is playing with a lot of confidence and the Saint's confidence is a bit mired with an unexplainable loss to the Cardinals. The Saints have more offensive firepower and will look to use the Bucs to bounce back in a big way. But Tampa will hang around right to the end.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Detroit at NY Giants:
It has been decades since the Lions destroyed another team. It won't happen this week. The Giants are playing much better football but are still a little too streaky. They should be able to right their ship this week.
Winner: New York Giants

Atlanta at Philadelphia:
Battle of the birds! The Eagles looked pretty good last week but was that because they are good or was it because of the 49ers? Atlanta continues its sneaky winning ways.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Cleveland at Pittsburgh:
We should have two new quarterbacks making their debut. But it is a rookie against a 2-time Superbowl winner. Big Ben will be sloppy but he has a good supporting cast to get him through it.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kansas City at Houston:
It looks like the Chiefs defense is for real but I worry about that offense. They had their chances against the Colts last week but unexplainable drops put the hurt on them. Houston looks like they can be a great team but they just can't seem to be consistent. I am smelling an upset here.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland at San Francisco:
Battle of the Bay! The Raiders looked like the team I thought they would be and the 49ers are definitely not playing like I thought they would. Every week I think the 49ers will bounce back and every week I think the Raiders will play like I think they will. And each time whoever I pick disappoints. The 49ers need the win but the Raiders have some confidence and they might have the motivation to put the 49ers out to pasture.
Winner: (Heaven help me...) Oakland Raiders

NY Jets at Denver:
Denver's defensive injuries unfortunately will keep them out of this game. The Broncos will be difficult but the Jets sneak out with a win. Barely.
Winner: New York Jets

Dallas at Minnesota:
This should have been a matchup of the top two teams in the NFC. Instead we get a battle of the underachievers. The Vikings defense looked good and the offense looked like they were gelling but they lost a game that they really could have won. The Cowboys just look like chumps instead of champs. Not sure who to go with. Because the Vikings lost on a Monday Night and because I do believe Favre is a distraction, I am taking the Cowboys.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Indianapolis at Washington:
This could be a very fun game. The Colts are on the road and play at a tough venue and the Redskins look like they are gaining confidence every week. The Colts also look a little bit vulnerable with two losses already. I just don't see Peyton Manning having two bad games in a row.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts.

Monday Night
Tennessee at Jacksonville:
Both of these teams have had dominating wins and inexplicable losses. I want to go with the home team and the underdog but I think the Titan's passing game will be too much.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

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