Oct 7, 2010

Upon Further Review

Day 341

Are you ready for some football?

I totally am ready for some football. I missed last Monday Night's historical game since I was at the concert and I think I am having withdrawals.

What I love about the NFL is the unpredictability. "That is why they play the game!" I love it when an underdog keeps up with a superior opponent. I love it when teams have that 'break-out' game. And I love it when a young team defeats one of the old guard. And it is only Week 5!

Rising: St. Louis Rams. A lot of experts thought that the Rams would be the worst team in the NFL, I thought that they were going to be horrible too but here it is, the start of Week 5 and the Rams are 2-2 and tied for the NFC West. They actually have a shot of taking the division.

Falling: Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were up 7-6 on the Pats and then lost 41-14. Unfortunately the Dolphins have their work cut out for them. Losing two big divisional games at home is a huge hole to climb out of. They are in trouble.

Does that mean I will pick the Dolphins to lose this week and the Rams to win? Well, I scored my worst score with 7/14 (at least I got half right!) and I vow to right that ship this week so we'll see.

Jacksonville at Buffalo:
So which Jags team will show up at Buffalo? The good one or the not-so-good one? It doesn't matter because they will either play the awful Bills or the dreadful Bills.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati:
T.O. has over 200 yards receiving and a TD and the Bengals still lose? The Bengals are one of the most frustrating teams since they are so inconsistent. But I will take them once again.
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals

Atlanta at Cleveland:
Cleveland was impressive last week and the Falcons barely won. So who has more momentum? Not sure, so I will go with who has more talent.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

St. Louis at Detroit:
This could be one of most entertaining games this week. Both the Rams and the Lions are playing hard. I will go with the home team this time.
Winner: Detroit Lions
Kansas City at Indianapolis:
The Chiefs are the last undefeated team in the NFL. Yeah, you heard that right. The Chiefs are also coming off the bye so they had extra time to work on a gameplan to defeat the Colts. This will be a lot closer than we think and the Chiefs will have an excellent shot at snagging a win. But a Peyton Manning-led field goal at the end gives the Chiefs their first loss.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Green Bay at Washington:
This could be quite a shoot out. Green Bay should win so I will go with the Redskins since I cannot count on them to lose.
Winner: Washington Redskins

Chicago at Carolina:
Bears QB Cutler is out and that may tip the scales to Carolina. But then Julius Peppers is returning home to Carolina and will want to win this game. But he cannot do it alone.
Winner: Carolina Panthers
Denver at Baltimore:
Luckily for me I will be able to catch this game on the tube. This will be an ugly defensive game, just the way I like 'em. Ravens just have too much for the Broncos to handle.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

NY Giants at Houston:
The Giants fierce defense will have its hands full with the Texans. The Texans should be able to run on them so I don't see a repeat of last week.
Winner: Houston Texans

New Orleans at Arizona:
I wonder how new QB Max Hall feels about wearing red. Does that make him classless? And will he hate Saint fans too? The Saints should offer a prayer of thanks for having this gift given to them.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

San Diego at Oakland:
I am so disappointed with Oakland. So that means that they will win this week since I am going with the Chargers. So I am going to take Oakland. But I should be smart and take the Chargers. Man, either way I am screwed.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Tennessee at Dallas:
Dallas is usually pretty good after the bye week and the Titans lost a heart breaker last week. Dallas is all healthy and I am sure they do not want to face a cranky Jerry Jones.
Winner: (barely) Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia at San Francisco:
The 49ers are at least fighting. But will that loss in Atlanta haunt them. And the Eagles are looking for an identity.
Winner: San Francisco 49ers get their first win of the season.

Monday Night:
Minnesota at NY Jets:
Oh man. Brett Favre returns to New York. Randy Moss returns to the Vikings. Revis, Superbowl MVP Santonio Holmes, and Calvin Pace return to the Jets lineup. So many story lines! But the one under the radar is how well the Jets offense with QB Mark Sanchez is leading this team and that is one storyline that writes another chapter.
Winner: New York Jets

Since Miami is on their bye week, I will not pick them to lose.

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