Oct 21, 2010

Under Further Review

Day 355

Finally we have big news in the NFL that has nothing to do with Brett Favre!

The NFL recently came down with a ruling that says that the NFL will suspend players who hit defenseless players. I applaud the NFL for protecting their players but at first glance I was not a fan of how the NFL was going to police this. But then I read this article posted on nfl.com that further clarified the league's stand.

I also found a very interesting take from fromer linebacker Tedy Bruschi:


And I agree with his statements. Besides every NFL player knows the risks involved. If they don't want the big hits to happen to them, they don't have to play. If a player wants to act like a whiny baby like the Steeler's James Harrison and leave the game because of it, I say don't let the door hit you on the way out. You are a professional athlete like Tedy says. You can adapt and continue to play the game you love and make more money than I will ever make. Think about it for a minute James. If I had a quarter of your talent (which would make me one of the better players around) I wouldn't care about any rule changes as long as I get to play in the NFL. You have the privilege to play in the NFL, not a lot of people can say that. And all the NFL wants to do is protect its players.

I am very curious to see how this plays out. I am sure during the off season we will see more adjustments being made. The game of football is changing, we have more athletic and powerful players, we have more intricate offenses and defences. Players (and fans) must learn to adapt.

Rising: New York Jets. The Jets rattled off 5 straight wins to get the league's best record. They really should have lost that tough game in Denver but they persevered and never gave up. Good teams beat other good teams but great teams beat those that they were supposed to beat.

Falling: Dallas Cowboys. I still think the Cowboys have a chance to take the NFC East but it will take a lot of work and a little bit of luck. But that window is slamming shut. No one in the NFL has made it to a Superbowl starting off the way they did but records are made to be broken.

I got 7/14 again. The trend continues!

Cincinnati at Atlanta:
I will never take the Bengals again. Atlanta lost a big game last week but I think they will bounce back and beat the very disappointing Bengals.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Washington at Chicago:
McNabb already proved to me that you can go home again and win when he beat Philly earlier. Now he goes to his true home in Chicago and he will win there as well.
Winner: Washington Redskins

St. Louis at Tampa Bay:
Now this could be a very entertaining game. The Rams are playing much better than we all thought and the Bucs have some life in them. For some reason, after Bucs QB Josh Freeman called out that defensive player for hitting him in the legs, I have become a fan of his.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

San Francisco at Carolina:
Can the 49ers win two games in a row? This will be a real test for the 49ers. They should beat the Panthers really easily and great teams beat the teams they should.
Winner: San Fransisco 49ers

Buffalo at Baltimore:
Poor Buffalo. Baltimore is coming off a terrible loss at the Patriots and going into a bye week and playing at home. Great timing for the Ravens, they need a good pick-me-up game. Bad news for the Bills.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Philadelphia at Tennessee:
Another entertaining game we could have here. The Titans opened up a can on the Jaguars and are feeling good. The Eagles put a whooping on the Falcons and are feeling good. One of them HAS to lose. I'll take the home field advantage.
Winner: Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville at Kansas City:
I learned something new last Monday night, cats can lay eggs. I learned this right after watching the Jaguars lay a colossal egg against the Titans. I think they will bounce back this week against the Chiefs but playing in Kansas City and on a short week will do them in.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Pittsburgh at Miami:
Lots of hitting in this game and I don't see either team changing their philosophy. Miami needs this win to stay within the Jets and Patriots. I think the Dolphins will be able to keep the Steelers from scoring a lot of points but I don't see the Dolphins being able to post points against the Steelers defense. Lots of field goals in this one with the Steelers getting the lone touchdown.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland at New Orleans:
At least rookie Browns QB Colt McCoy can watch and learn from Drew Brees as the methodically takes apart the Browns with the skill of a surgeon.
Winner: Colt McCoy New Orleans Saints

Arizona at Seattle:
Seattle has been one of the more surprising teams in the NFL. I don't know which Cardinals team will show up. I also don't know which Seahawks team will show up either. But I would wager the Seahawks will show up. At least the 12th man will be there.
Winner: Seattle Seahawks

New England at San Diego:
This is a case of one of those games that look good in the preseason but turns into a turkey. The Pats do have to make the trip cross country but that is really the only negative thing the Pats have to deal with. The Chargers always start slow but this year is different. They are getting beat by teams that have no business beating them.
Winner: New England Patriots

Oakland at Denver:
Oakland won its first game in 13 against the Chargers. Maybe they can beat Denver at Denver? Denver did lose a heartbreaking loss against the Jets and they will be without WR Eddie Royal. Am I just convincing myself to go for the Raiders yet again? Okay, last time Raiders. I think you can pull off the upset here.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Minnesota at Green Bay:
Oh baby! I am so looking forward to this game. The Viking's offense has looked pretty decent the last two weeks and the Packers are just not playing well. I was totally going for Favre last year to beat his old team. But now I am kinda hoping Packers QB Aaron Rodgers puts a hurt on them. It will go down to the wire with the Packers winning one at home.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Monday Night
NY Giants at Dallas:
The Giants have a grand opportunity to put away the Cowboys on a national stage. But I think the fear of Jerry Jones will make the Cowboys produce and stretch out there agonizing season.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

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  1. I may never forgive you for picking the Raiders ... but since you are wrong roughly half the time I guess it makes sense! Here's hoping that is one you miss. :)