Oct 24, 2010

One More Sunday!

Day 358

One more week and I have successfully blogged for an entire year! I should do something special for today, I should have a Sunday Confessional that will knock your socks off.

But I have nothing.

For the last couple of months I have found that Sunday blogging is the worst. Between meetings, Church, choir and now football, I am struggling to come up with ideas to blog but even worse, I have been struggling with motivation to even want to blog. I still have things that I would like to cover here but like they say, the spirit is willing but the flesh is beat.

And now I have procrastinated all day specifically avoiding the blog. But then out of the blue I thought of something that I could blog about. Kristy had brought home these experiment things from her recent teaching seminar and Logan absolutely loved them. There was a ton of glow in the dark things and Logan was disappointed that he could not play with them during the day. So she told Logan to go into the furnace room and shut the door to see them. Logan was not having it at all.

And it reminded me of Grandpa and Grandma Anhder's spooky furnace room. When my Case cousins would visit we used to go through the furnace room with the lights out. Their furnace room was unique, the furnace was in the middle of the room and you could walk around it. With the door opened a crack you could see just enough to make your way around it. We would all huddle together to make the short jaunt around the furnace room. No one wanted to lead and no one wanted to be the last guy.

My Grandparents.

I remember one time Grandpa asked me to help him out. We went downstairs and he wanted me to help him move some stuff in the furnace room! It was just weeks after I freaked out with my cousins. If only Grandpa knew, he could have scared the stuffing out of me!

If I remember right, I think we tried to shut the door and either Josh or Jaimee. No one wanted to be locked in that room. While Grandma and Grandpa's house was always warm and inviting, that was the scariest room in the house. I didn't even like going in there when the lights were on!

I'll have to devote an upcoming blog about the time I was lucky enough to live with my grandparents. For some reason October and Halloween always makes me think about them. And not just because of the haunted furnace.


  1. You just sent a chill up my spine!! That room was so spooky... I'd always prefer to spend time in the storage room and look at the stuff mom and your mom and Aunt Margo wrote on the walls! :P

  2. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten all about the furnace room, until you mentioned it, and then a ton of memories came flooding back. It was such a spooky room - as was the pantry!