Oct 16, 2010

Game Night!

Day 350

At least once a week Kristy is out for the evening leaving Logan and I to have a Boy's Night Out. Usually we don't go out but we get to have our own time together. Most of the time we usually play a game of some sort or watch some cartoons.

Last Wednesday we didn't know what game to play. Logan kept choosing games that are more than two players and I thought about how I wished we had a game that was just two players. And then it hit me. I turned to Logan and I asked him if he would like to learn a brand new game. One that was only for two players and one that my mom absolutely hated. That got his curiosity piqued. He asked why Grandma Platis hated that game and I said it was because my sister and I used to argue and fight about it.

So of course he wanted to learn this intriguing new game.

Logan is doing an impression of the guy on the box.

STRATEGO! This is one of my all-time favorite games and it was a pleasure teaching Logan. Basically the game is two opposing armies playing Capture the Flag.

I quickly went over the rules and then it was time to set up our armies. I don't think I have played this for years and yet I remember how I like to set up my personnel.

Our first battle was between our Scouts. Very anti-climatic since we both killed each other.

After putting up a decent fight, I finally captured Logan's flag with my miner. Logan was less than thrilled.

Maybe this is why Jennifer and I argued and fought over the game. This is me gloating to Logan that I have his precious flag.

And this is how he took it.

I cannot wait to play another round. But we will have to wait until Kristy is not around.


  1. I actually liked to play this game... I don't have any memories of fighting with you... mmmmm. Are you certain you aren't talking about RISK?

    You look very handsome in that picture with the flag...

  2. I remember this game! I seem to recall that it was a popular game to play at my elementary school. I loved the pictures of you and Logan! Classic!

  3. Jenn-

    I am glad you said this. I never thought we fought over Stratego either. I mean it was competitive but it was not like it made us use our fisticuffs.

    And we never had RISK. Now I remember fighting with Dave when we would play RISK.