Nov 29, 2009

Logan's Life: Church Memories

Day 30

I was going to do my final The Write Stuff column to celebrate the NaNoWrMo competition and talk about some comic book writers but I decided to wait until tomorrow when NaNoWrMo officially wraps up its November writing fest.

So instead I present to you some memories of my son Logan. For those that don't know, my family and I are LDS (Mormons) and we go to Church every Sunday. Some of Logan's funniest moments have been at Church. Now the purpose of this blog was so I can write down some memories before I forget them so here is what I remember about Logan in Church.

-A couple of years ago during Sacrament meeting Logan was pretending to cook something in the microwave (they were crayons) and he got mad at me when I tried to eat one that he had not cooked. After he "microwaved" the pink crayon, that I picked out, he being the nice kid he is, he "cut" it in half and shared it with me. Instead I pretended to take it and then I hid behind the Hymn books. He looked over at me madly and jumped over Kristy yelling "OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" Logan thought I had actually ate the crayon. I couldn't stop giggling.

-When he was about two years old he played with these cars that he loved so much. He would carry them all over. One Sunday he took them to Church and unexpectedly yelled out "BEEEEEEEEEP!" at the top of his lungs.

-Another time when he was about two or three, when it was dead silent in Church he found some brown stuff on his fingers. He looked at Kristy and I and announced quite loudly "IT IS NOT POO!"

-One Sunday morning he must have been tired because Kristy and I heard him say his first cuss word. He slept in (cause he was up late last night at Grandpa’s and after his shower) and he was in a strange mood. He uttered his first swear word today, much to my chagrin. He was in his bedroom and his drawer wouldn’t open and he yells out "dammit!" Kristy and I looked at each other, did he really say what we thought he said? Then we hear "dammit!" again. Yup, he definitely was cussing so Kristy and I went in and asked him where he learned that and he replied "Dad says it everyday when he plays Star Wars." BUSTED! It probably was Madden. ;)

-One Sunday one of the members of our Church said "hi" to Logan after church and surprisingly he stopped to talk to him. Logan was probably about 4-5 years old. He asked him what his name is and how old he was and Logan answered. When the member asked him if he wanted to see a trick, Logan panicked and yelled "BYE!" and took off out the door. I grabbed him and we went to see his trick. He asked Logan to blow on his tie and when he did, his tie "melted". Logan said "WHOA!". Then the member put the other part of the tie in his mouth and blew the tie back up. Logan couldn’t believe his eyes. He ran to the door yelling "That is the weirdest tie‚ I have ever seen!" and took off.

-One Sunday, during Sacrament meeting, I found that Logan had a piece of glitter in his ear and Kristy took it out. I pretended that I put it back in and told him. He got mad and made a couple of fists and yelled out "YOU MEAN DADDY!"

Logan combed his own hair for Church in this picture. I really wish you could see it better. I tried so hard not to laugh.

-Every year the Primary (the children) gets to take part of the Sunday Services. This Sunday they were invited up to sing for all the dads for Father's Day. They went up and sang and it was so sweet. When they were done, the kids were supposed to come down and rejoin their parents. Logan didn't. He got up to the podium with a smirk on his face. It looked like he was about to give a sermon or something. The real speaker was standing right behind him and he laughed. He said the same thing when Logan finally decided to come down.

Logan is such a funny kid. I am so glad and happy that he is my son. For some of these experiences, you definitely had to be there.


  1. Didn't he do the "We Will, We Will Rock You" in church too?

  2. Matt-love your blog. Hope it's OK if I stalk it from now on. Denise Petersen Jorgensen

  3. RE: Denise

    Glad you like it. Didja see I mentioned you on one of my posts?

  4. The swearing story is my favorite. I'm sure adalie's first swear word isn't far away... You know steve :)

  5. I've always loved hearing your stories on Logan. Hearing those above cracked me up.