Nov 12, 2009

Matt at Work: You Better Sit Down!

Day 12

No matter how good a job is there is always something. My last employment was not a terrible place to work at times But at least weekly there was something that just made you shake your head. Here is a perfect example:

I understand why he sent the e-mail. But requiring everyone to sit? We all wouldn't have been surprised at all if he installed video cameras to catch the perpetrators. And how was he going to enforce this rule?

The use of the bathroom apparently was very important here. One of the guys that I used to work with had an office directly underneath a bathroom and could hear everything. Smalls (not his real name; just an appropriate nickname from the movie "The Sandlot") came into his office and wondered if he ever checked his IM (Instant Messenger) to see who was "away" so he could tell who was in the bathroom. And he was much more serious than he was joking. It wouldn't have surprised us if suddenly he got assigned a task to keep track of which employees were using the bathroom and how long. Hopefully not what they were doing but I am sure Smalls would want to know that so he could micro-manage them more.

And the reason why I left that job was because I refused to sign what I dubbed the "Pee Pledge." Smalls wanted me to sign a document that I wrote which was to include why I value my job and that I would pledge to find someone to cover me while I peed. But that is a whole other story!


  1. LOL. Sorry that email is just priceless. Surely there were better things to be getting on with at work?!?

  2. I love that the guy thought he had enough power to MAKE you guys sit! Some people are so delusional!

  3. Just wait until I post about the contest rigging.

  4. This is so funny. Things like this were all to common there. It reminds me of why I left that horrible place of employement.

    I'm interested to hear your post about the contest rigging.

  5. Tom: You know exactly who "Smalls" is right? Such a perfect nickname. :)

  6. Oh yea, "Smalls" is such a perfect nickname for him. I can't mention some of the other names we referred to him by or many of the horrible things I muttered under my breath at him.