Nov 28, 2009

Pic of the Week: Baddest Living Biker

Day 28

My wrists are hurting and my fingers have been worn down to a nub. Today has been the first day of my challenge that I have not felt like writing/typing. I still have loads to say but as the saying goes "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak".

My wife Kristy is soon to be joining the madness of the 365 Challenge starting December 1st. Her idea for the blog is to post a picture a day and write something about it. Whether it is a current picture that she took that day or something from the past. I like this idea so like a good blogger, I am totally stealing it. So today I am unveiling a new Saturday column called "Pic of the Week". Basically it is the same column as hers only I am going to do it once a week.

So I had to find the perfect picture to blog about and I think I have a winner. This picture (or cover I should say) was taken way back in 1987. My mom and I were moving to the States, leaving my dad and sister behind. So I spent the weekend before we moved with my sister Jennifer. I crashed at her apartment and we hit the sights of Edmonton. We ate at the Progi House (YUM!) and hit the world's largest mall (at the time), West Edmonton Mall. Jennifer spent a ton of money on me and wanted to send me off in fashion.

Aren't we bad? It was such a perfect gift, I couldn't forget my sister after making the cover of Biker Lifestyle. We took another couple of pictures while at West Ed too. I know, I said I would post ONE pic a week but these were just too good not to pass up.

FUN FACT: Can you spot the glaring typo? Drives me nuts to see that this would be misspelled.

I had a lot of fun and I didn't think I would miss my sister all that much but I did. It was a long time before I got to see her again. Now, she lives just blocks away and I am glad I have her in my life. Thanks sis!


  1. And we are still BAD, aren't we?
    I can't see the glaring typo? What is it?

  2. Got it! I had to see your correct spelling first before I caught on. I love these pictures. Maybe we out to do it again?

  3. Now actually thinking about it, I don't even think when spelled correctly that it is a word!

  4. Love it!!! I love how close you and Jenn are. Also looking forward to seeing the new column and having a peak at Kristy's when she joins in.

    Oh and is Badest the error? It is only 8am and I don't have my glasses on so for all I know there was another. lol.

  5. Yup, 'badest' is the error. It should have been 'baddest'.