Nov 24, 2009

The Write Stuff: The Sequel

Day 24

I did it.

I passed the 50,000 mark just a few days ago. Currently I stand at 53,055 words and I am very close to actually concluding my novel with an ending. And I am quite thrilled.

Yesterday really fueled my writing fire. I and another writer named Tyler met at Borders and we were interviewed for the Herald Journal, the local paper. The journalist wanted to know more about NaNoWrMo and wanted our insights. I felt that the interview went extremely well and I am looking forward to seeing what the article comes out with. Afterwards Tyler and I hung around for a little bit talking about our novels and I found out some pretty cool news.

I still don't know if this is official (I am looking into it now) but apparently NaNoWrMo will reward those that pass the 50,000 challenge will have an opportunity to have their book published. They will print the book out for you and assist you in selling it on Amazon. You get about six months after the contest to edit it and get it ready to publish.

So now I am even more energized to get this novel completed.

Sorry for the shortness of the column today. I'll get into some writing influences in later columns. I gotta run and get some writing done. But before I go, you have to check this cool video.

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  1. Mat that is awesome news in so many ways. (1) You've passed the 50,000 mark; (2) You got interviewed for a local paper and (3) maybe the chance to get published. Yay yay yay!!!!