Nov 18, 2009

Matt at Work: The Double McGriddle

Day 18

I can eat fast food every day, I just love that greasy stuff. When I worked at WestHost, our department used to go on McGriddle runs for our meetings. And there was a time where we would do it weekly. For those that have not had a McGriddle, let me tell you, they have to be one of the tastiest breakfast sandwiches EVER! It comes with a spicy sausage, melted cheese and egg on two pancake-like buns which it littered in maple syrup. So bad for your health but so good for your taste buds.

One time my friend Zack and I were discussing why we loved these things and it came down to the sausage. There was something about it that made the sandwich complete. He laughed about having a double sausage McGriddle.

That next week, it was Zack's turn to make the McGriddle run and he came back with a grin on his face. He plopped down my McGriddle and said, "I have done something." I opened my sandwich and found that he got us DOUBLE McGriddles. For an extra 30 cents (or something like that) he got them to give us double the meat. That first bite was wonderful but by the time we finished them up we were sick. It was too much of a good thing. It took us months before we got another McGriddle. And there is no way we would get a double one again.

The funny thing about going on these McGriddle runs was that we had to do it in secret. Our CEO and the puppy dog that followed him would hold going out for some food against us. We were not working hard if we had time to go grab some food. I remember when Zack and I went to grab some Mountain Dew for a large Sales meeting we had and I went to my car (I clocked out just so they couldn't really nail me) and drove around to the back of the building to pick up Zack. We ran to the gas station and on the way back I dropped off Zack with the Dews and parked the car. We did this so we could avoid the CEO's office window so he wouldn't see Zack coming with. You did what you had to do to survive!

I must have gained fifteen pounds while working at WestHost. Between all the treats (ohhh, Heidi's homemade Oreos) and Betos and McGriddle runs it shouldn't be a surprise that I have high cholesterol. The only thing that I did lose at WestHost was my hair.


  1. Do they have the M cut into it? Just curious because if so (and I know this is sad) I think that's really cool. lol.

  2. My mouth is watering! I too am a McGriddle fan, but I like it with ham.

  3. I have never had a McGriddle...

  4. Sarah: The "M" is grilled on.

    Jenn: We will need to do another sibling outing and grab one.