Nov 4, 2009

When Kristy Met Matt Part II


The story continues...

My friend Lared knew that I was attracted to Kristy so he did everything possible to help get me to date her. We had a couple of group activities with a bunch of friends and I made sure Kristy and her roommates were invited. The more I hung out with her, the more I liked. She had a great sense of humor and didn't mind playing with boys by getting physical. So I decided to ask her out. Unfortunately I was struck down twice but for good reasons. Both times I asked her out and she declined, she was out of town running track. I was becoming desperate and I was getting discouraged at being rejected so many times. Lared then offered some great advice. "You need to take Kristy out before school is out and you are running out of time. Kristy needs to choose either you or Eric but you have to take her out!" So I tried again. She was studying at the library one afternoon and I went and asked her out. She said "yes" this time and I was on cloud nine. Let the best man win!

Lared and I knew that we had to have a special date. Something so cool and exciting and memorable. And we had the perfect plan!

After picking up our dates (we were with another couple of couples) we first went to Subway and picked up some sandwiches. We then took them up Logan Canyon and we hiked up to the Wind Caves. These caves are awesome looking and it was a nice hike. We ate the sandwiches up there and played around for a little bit. Then we hiked down and drove to Adam's Park in Smithfield. We got into Lared's trunk and we pulled out a ton of camouflage clothing and some Lazer Tag guns and told the girls to dress up. They looked confused so Lared and I threw some of the clothes on and Lared looks right at them and says, "It's War!" The girls complied and we headed into the park to play some Lazer Tag. It was getting dark after about an hour of playing. I suggested to Kristy that we should climb up this tree and act like a sniper. Lared and his date Marcie came across and didn't see us. Suddenly Lared was getting hit. And he knew from experience that it was me that was hitting him. Lared jumped into some bushes for cover.

It was then that Kristy and I noticed that there were a couple of cop cars looking at Lared's car. It is against the law to be in the park after dusk. Then we saw that they were coming closer and closer with flashlights. They were after us! We were in camo and up the tree so I didn't think that Kristy and I were in danger. Lared saw the cops and he yells out to run. I told Kristy to hold still but then I noticed that she was gone running! I jumped down the tree and my foot got caught in the branch and the cops were getting closer and closer. I got lose and the cops saw me and yelled for me to stop. Kristy was running so fast that she was literally kicking dirt in my face. Lared was leading us the couple of miles to our friend Joey's house. The cops flashlights were on me, I could see my shadow from the flashlights they were so close. We climbed through a ton of bushes and made it into a guy's backyard. We travelled silently in the night from backyard to backyard escaping the cops. We crossed into a horse pasture and crossed over some barb wire fences. Lared was leading and I was last, making sure that no one saw us. Both Kristy and I were startled when we saw this horse just looking at us when we got to the fence. Suddenly we looked up again and it was right beside us! We finally made it to Joey's house. He was having a party inside and we thought it would be fun for us to crash into his house with our Lazer Tags and camo. Not everyone thought that was funny, we certainly scared them! We took off our camo and laughed about the experience but we had a problem. We needed to go back to the park to pick up Lared's car.

So Marcie and Lared (now back dressed in their civilian clothing) and Joey got into Joey's car and they drove over to get Lared's car. He got back safely so we all thought it would be fun to climb into Lared's car and go back to the park. We wanted to see really how far we went. That was not a bright idea. There was six of us all crammed in Lared's car and we passed a cop at the park. Lared quickly hit the gas when he saw the cop turn around. Lared's quick and rash thinking saved us. We sped into another neighborhood and parked his car in one of the house's driveway and shut off the car and we all ducked. We were lucky, we lost the cop car. We should have waited a bit but instead we thought it would be best if we got back to Joey's house and end the night. On the way back we got to a 4-way stop sign and sure enough there was the cop on the other side. It passed us and I looked at the cop and he looked right back at us. Lared hit the gas again and the cop turned around. Joey's house was located right in the middle of the block so we took off down his driveway extremely fast and shut off the car and ran into Joey's. We got lucky once again.

I knew at that moment that Kristy was worth fighting for. She had a real good time on that date and she was not mad or disappointed or anything. I found a keeper. After we dropped off our dates, Lared and I met after to talk and we made Certificates of Bravery to award them (with a plate of cookies) when we saw them next.

Front of the card. Notice how I spelled her name wrong.

Inside of the card with the certificate. Right when I finished I realized that I may have spelt her name wrong. So I took some toilet paper and wrote an apology.

After I also heard that Eric was quite mad that I got to Kristy that weekend before he did. He was the one that wanted this war, and I was not about to let up either. I mean really, could he top my first date with Kristy?


  1. I'm crying with laughter at the thought of you running from those cops.

  2. And does Kristy still have her certificate? That would be so cool if she did.

  3. That was her original certificate.

  4. I am going to have to read the report on the night of 7/1/1996. That was in Smithfield right? Can you say cold case?