Dec 14, 2010

Logan and the Choir of Angels

Every year our ward has an annual Christmas Party. And every year the Primary children are invited to re-enact the Christmas Story. This is one of my favorite holiday activities, it is a lot of fun to hear these dear children sing and act and they do such a good job.

Last year I was asked to help out the kids in the back get ready and help them out during the program. Unfortunately I am no longer in the Primary and so I instead of helping, I got to watch it firsthand. So after a feast of food and sitting with some very funny youth, we were all treated to a neat Christmas program.

The kids as always did a great job. This year Logan was invited to sing in the main Angel's Choir and he took it quite seriously. He came home from church last Sunday and wanted to practice his song so he could be ready for tonight.

He sang so loud that I could actually hear him.

I didn't know that a rabbit was there at the birth of Jesus.

Some of the younger kids got to be the animals in the stable.

Logan actually sat on Santa's lap this year. Maybe it was because he recognized who it was.

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again. But my family and I are very blessed to live in this ward. The people are so nice and caring. It was a treat to watch "Santa" tease all the kids. 

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  1. Cool pictures!! Loved your comment about the "rabbit" in the Nativity scene!!