Dec 16, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 15

I admit that I am a different person when my team loses. Now that the Jets have lost two division games against two of my most hated teams, I am in a funk. It must be affecting my ability to pick games since I scored a paltry 9/16.

How eerie is this:

San Francisco at San Diego:
I really don't want to pick this game. The 49ers are killing me this season. I stand by my stance of never picking the 49ers again.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Cleveland at Cincinnati:
One team has the talent, one team has the fight. Unfortunately they both lost last week. Some one has to win this one right?
Winner: Cincinnati Bengals (barely)

Washington at Dallas:
Cowboys versus Indians is always an entertaining game. Both teams are out of the playoffs but will treat this game as their Superbowl.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Houston at Tennessee:
I went for Baltimore last Monday night but I couldn't help but cheer for the Texans as they made one heck of a comeback to send the game into overtime only to lose the game. That type of loss could hang around for the rest of the season. We'll see if the Texans have some character.
Winner: Houston Texans

Jacksonville at Indianapolis:
If the Jags win, they take the division! I just don't see how Peyton Manning will allow that. I will be rooting for the Jags but I think the Colts will steal it away.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Kansas City at St. Louis:
The battle for Missouri! The Rams have the NFC West title in their sights, the Chiefs need to overcome a horrible loss to the Chargers.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Buffalo at Miami:
The Dolphins have a small window (a window that the Jets helped open) of snagging a playoff spot but they have to overcome a tough Bills team. I think I smell an upset...
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Detroit at Tampa Bay:
The Lions won a huge game last week against the Packers. I don't see them winning two games in a row, especially to a good Bucs team that is looking to secure a playoff spot on there own.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona at Carolina:
The Cards are another team that historically disappoint. I pick them, they lose. I don't pick them and then they win. The Cards are not out of it yet. That is until I pick them to win.
Winner: Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans at Baltimore:
The Ravens defense is still good, just not great and they will have its hands full with Drew Brees and the high flying Saints. This will be a real test for the Ravens. It will be cold in Baltimore which will hurt the Saints but not enough for them to lose.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Philadelphia at NY Giants:
This will be a tough game will the NFC East Division on the line. The Eagles won the earlier game and the Giants look to be peaking at the right time. I think I am now convinced that the Giants are a real team. They will even the odds against the Eagles.
Winner: New York Giants

Atlanta at Seattle:
This could be a trap game for the Falcons. Could is the key word here.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

NY Jets at Pittsburgh:
I am not looking forward to this game. I am not a Steelers fan at all (I do respect them) and I will hate losing to them. Guess I should avoid watching the game.
Winner: *sigh* Pittsburgh Steelers

Denver at Oakland:
Remember that drumming the Broncos took from the Raiders earlier this season? Remember how I picked the Broncos last week? I like to remember the drumming and this game will remind me of it.
Winner: Oakland Raiders

Green Bay at New England:
QB Aaron Rodgers took the wrong time for his concussion vacation. Green Bay is one of the few teams that can play in any element but they really rely on Rodgers. If he doesn't play, the Pack are in a heap of trouble. And I don't think that the Patriots have trap games either.
Winner: New England Patriots

Monday Night
Chicago at Minnesota:
Favre could play this week. We all saw how the Vikings play without him too. And it will be outside and not in a cozy dome. The Bears need to win this game to solidify the NFC Norris Division.
Winner: Chicago Bears

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