Dec 9, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 14

Those Raiders are going to be the death of me. They won another game that I did not pick. At least the 49ers are steady. I scored 10/16 last week, not too bad but not spectacular either. I am still recovering from that total spanking the Jets received last Monday night. And I don't want to talk about it.

Indianapolis at Tennessee:
The Colts are in trouble. I cannot remember when the Colts had a record like this. The Titans are in a good position to play the role of the spoiler by kicking the Colts out of the playoff picture for good. They will play tough but I cannot see the Colts losing a third game in a row.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Cleveland at Buffalo:
This actually could be a good game to catch. Both teams are fighting hard but the Browns seem to just have a way to win games.
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh:
I would love to see nothing more than the Steelers to lose. But they are playing the Bengals.
Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers

Green Bay at Detroit:
I am sure glad that I drafted QB Aaron Rodgers for one of my fantasy teams. I feel bad for the Lions because I think the Packers are going to come out on fire.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

NY Giants at Minnesota:
This could have been an intriguing game. The Vikings could also play the role of the spoiler for the Giants but the Giants defense could give the Vikings fits. And will Favre play and will that really matter? I could see this one go either way and I am just not convinced that the Giants are one of the best teams.
Winner: Minnesota Vikings

Tampa Bay at Washington:
The Redskins have the worst defense in the league. The Bucs are playing good and they should roll over the Redskins but it is cold up there in DC. Still, talent should win over weather.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Atlanta at Carolina:
This is a trap game for the Falcons but if the Panthers can give away a dominating 14 point lead last week the Falcons should have no need to worry.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

Oakland at Jacksonville:
Now this game will be awesome. Both teams are playoff potential teams. This could be a playoff preview. Now I like both teams, I have no idea which one to go for. So home field it is.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Seattle at San Francisco:
Now here is the complete opposite of the last game. This will be a snoozer with no team wanting to win. I was thinking of the Niners here but they I remembered that I would NEVER pick them again.
Winner: Seattle Seahawks

St. Louis at New Orleans:
The Saints are rolling under the radar, just the way they want  it. They cannot look past this tough Rams team who are the only team fighting for the NFC West Division.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Miami at NY Jets:
The Dolphins have a small window of hope. And the Jets hope to bury the memory of last weeks game (along with the game ball that they actually buried) with a big win over the Dolphins. If they don't win this game, the Jets may be in some trouble.
Winner: New York Jets

Denver at Arizona:
Getting a new head coach during the season will mean that the Broncos should win this one. But they are not as good as the Cowboys and Vikings. But luckily for Denver, they are playing the horrible Cards. Hey Case family! I am picking the Broncos.
Winner: Denver Broncos

Kansas City at San Diego:
The Chargers have to win this game. The Chiefs need to win this game to keep the 2-game lead in their division. Good teams rebound after bad losses, we will see the character of the Chargers team. Here is my upset special.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

New England at Chicago:
The Pats looked unstoppable last week. I really, really want the Bears to take them out. But I don't think that will happen. The Bears will be tough but the Pats are the Pats.
Winner: New England Patriots

Philadelphia at Dallas:
The Cowboys could spell spoiler for the Eagles. Because I have Vick on another fantasy team, I really hope they don't. But the Cowboys are frustrating, especially to their fans so they will win this one.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

Monday Night
Baltimore at Houston:
Ray Lewis is an angry, angry man. I think at one point he will actually eat one of the Texans. The Ravens will find it tough to stop RB Arian Foster but the Texans will be unable to stop QB Joe Flacco.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

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  1. Yay!! A pick for the Broncos from Matt!! Well, this just means so much. I don't even really know where to start. I'd like to thank Pat Bowlen for firing McDaniels and allowing this pick to be made by my cousin. I'd like to thank my husband for helping me understand football and teaching me to be a fan even when they're losing. Such a special day! :P