Dec 24, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 16

How about them Jets?  I am ashamed with myself that I didn't pick them and football karma struck again! There were some pretty good games last week and I am sure that everything is hyped up again this week as the playoffs begin in just a few weeks. Which teams will show some gumption and secure a playoff spot? I didn't do too bad last week, if I would have picked the Jets it would have been better. But I did score 10/16 which isn't so bad.

Dallas at Arizona:
The Cards disappointed me to the level of the 49ers. Meaning I will never pick the Cardinals and the 49ers again this season.
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

New England at Buffalo:
I don't think the Bills will allow the Patriots to push them around and it will be a much closer game than the Pats will want. But it is the Pats and it is Tom Brady.
Winner: New England Patriots

NY Jets at Chicago:
The Jets play better away from New York and I am still not convinced that the Bears are championship material. I should pick the Bears since karma will strike and the Jets will win. But I don't want to tempt karma twice.
Winner: New York Jets

Baltimore at Cleveland:
The Ravens need to be careful not to look past the Browns this week. This is a classic trap game but I don't smell an upset here.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Tennessee at Kansas City:
The Chiefs can secure a playoff spot and division crown if they win this game and the Raiders and Chargers lose. This is another trap game that the Chiefs need to be careful not to drop. But I am not smelling an upset here either and the Chiefs are super at home.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

San Francisco at St. Louis:
Hmmmm... 49ers?
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Detroit at Miami:
The Lions won a close game last week and the Dolphins laid an egg. Miami has been horrible at home and the Lions finally broke their woeful road losing record. I like the way this is trending.
Winner: Detriot Lions

Washington at Jacksonville:
I really hate the way Washington has treated QB Donovan McNabb. And I really like the way the Jaguars have been playing this season.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Indianapolis at Oakland:
Ooo this could be a bad game for the Colts. The Raiders like to run and they certainly can and they are playing a very soft Colt defense. But this is Peyton Manning with playoffs on the line. But this is at Oakland, a rough place to get a win. I really want to call an upset here.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Houston at Denver:
The last time I took the Broncos they lost. But the last time I took the Texans, they lost. How about I don't pick this game?
Winner: Denver Broncos (Merry Christmas Case Family!)

San Diego at Cincinnati:
The Bengals actually won a game! I don't think that streak will continue here. But if the weather is bad, that could spell doom for the Chargers. Still....
Winner: San Diego Chargers

NY Giants at Green Bay:
The Packers really showed me something last week against the Pats. The Giants folded faster than Superman on laundry day. I think the Packers will come out of their loss better than the G-Men.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Seattle at Tampa Bay:
Good teams rebound from tough losses and I am curious to see how the Bucs react from being humbled by the Lions.
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Minnesota at Philadelphia:
Philly is on a roll and the Vikings are on a free fall. And they chose this game as the Sunday Night Flex?
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night
New Orleans at Atlanta:
The Saints need this game badly and the Falcons can put the Superbowl Champion out to pasture. Now this will be a good game and it will be nice for the Falcons get some national exposure. I am smelling that upset...
Winner: New Orleans Saints

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  1. Wow you actually picked the Lions! I mean how could you not, they are on a 2 game winning streak :)

    By the way, we finally got that package you sent. Thanks for thinking of us!