Dec 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan turned the big 8 today!

Happy Birthday Buddy!

I'll blog about his birthday shenanigans tomorrow after I collect some pictures and after his birthday party.

Speaking of Logan, the other night Kristy and I were putting him to bed and I mentioned that we should have Family Home Evening on Wednesday since we missed it on Monday. Logan agreed and was excited that we would still have it and as he was lying down on his bed, he suggested that we should invite some people over for it. Normally this means he wants to invite Grandma Platis over which Kristy and I have no problem with.

But he surprised us both when he said he would like to invite the the girls that babysat him a few weeks ago. Kristy and I looked at each other in surprise and thought that may not be a bad idea. Unfortunately the girls couldn't make it last week so we invited them last Sunday to come over. And they came over last night. I thought it was quite cute that Logan would want the girls to come over.

We had a short lesson/story about Christmas and then we headed into the kitchen to make some cookies for the families of the girls and for those families that I home teach.

So we split into teams and started making some cookies. The girls started on the Snowball cookies.

Logan made his usual cake mix cookies while I was chopping up some pecans.

Mom was in charge of making the very yummy icing.

I love the way Snowball cookies smell when they are in the oven.

It was nice of the girls to come over. I'm sure Kristy liked it since she is always outnumbered in this house.

It was a nice evening and I am glad that the girls were excited to come over when Kristy and Logan invited them. I have said this many times before, but I am very thankful for the neighborhood and ward we live in. It is awesome to have such great examples and role models for Logan.

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  1. Happy birthday, Logan!!! Matt- you look good! I like the facial hair! :) If you're tired of snow you should head out here... we've barely had any!