Dec 13, 2010

Back in the Field

Last Friday night I went out with the missionaries. We were supposed to have dinner at my house with the family and then I was going out with them for the rest of the evening on a split with one of the missionaries.

Now I am not a fan of feeding the missionaries. Let me clarify this, I don't mind having them over for dinner but I will do it under my circumstances and under my invitation. I don't like being asked or having to sign up to feed the missionaries as a requirement. I had to work like a dog to get dinner appointments when I was on my mission. It was not handed to me on a golden platter like the missionaries here get.

But I swallowed my pride and had them come over. The funny thing is that no one told them that they were supposed to come over for dinner. All they knew is that I was going to go out with them later in the evening. So they were late and we ended up not having to feed them. So I guess I got my way. I made a few phone calls and they finally came over. And then I got a call from out of the blue. I got a phone call from my friend Damond! It was great to catch up with him. He really motivated me and inspired me to reach out to people more and get back into touch with those people that have meant a lot to me and my family. I really need to do that.

Here is Damond and I at the MTC the night before I left to New York

Afterwards I took off with Elder Brown and we went out and did some missionary work. Walking around and looking up people took me back to when I served an LDS mission. I forgot how fun and hard it was. I was beat by the time I was finished around 9:00 at night. We didn't get to teach any lessons, we were "sacked" (we called them jukes on my mission) most of the time. It felt good to dip my feet back into the missionary pool. It makes me thankful of the time I served and it makes me thankful for all those that are serving. I wouldn't mind going out with them again.

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