Dec 8, 2010

The Shuffle

A few weeks ago my cousin and fellow blogger, Jaimee had a neat idea for a blog topic that she stole from her one brother that is not blogging.

Basically you take your iPod or whatever mp3 player you have and hit Shuffle and blog about the first 5 songs that come up and list why you like them and why you have them on your iPod.

A good idea is a good idea so I am stealing it from her and doing it today

Mephistopheles' Return - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Funny that this one would pop up first considering that this my absolutely favorite TSO song off the Beethoven's Last Night album. Most of you know that I have a real big soft spot for musicals and theatrical music and this rock opera is one of my favorites. I don't know why most of the musical songs about the devil are the most rocking and most entertaining and most fun to sing but they are and this one is a fun one.

Ballad Of Dwight Fry - Alice Cooper
"Mommy where's daddy? He's been gone for so long. Do you think he'll ever come home?"
Who would have thought that some of Alice Cooper's best would be his softer ballads. Well, ballads as far as Alice Cooper goes. This long song (clocks in at 6:33) is a real pretty song about a man that is in an insane asylum.

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Mika
O boy. You know how there are some songs on your iPod that only you know are there? Those type of songs that are so cheesy that you are a little embarrassed that you have them? Well, I am coming out the iPod closet. I like Mika. There I said it. I discovered one of his songs from a movie and I really liked it so I got his albums and man are they cheesy.  AND I LOVE THEM.

I feel better now...

This song is probably one of my favorite ones of his. It has a fun beat and fun lyrics.

Dear Friends - Queen
I was a little worried that my favorite band of all-time would not make an appearance but when you have all their catalog on your iPod along with all their concerts and rare stuff, I knew my chances were good. This is one of the shortest songs they have (only 1:09) but it has to be one of their more beautiful and poignant songs that came from one of their earlier albums.

So dear friends
Your love is gone
Only tears to dwell upon
I dare not say
As the wind must blow
So a love is lost
A love is won
Go to sleep and dream again
Soon your hopes will rise
And then from all this gloom
Life can start anew
And there'll be no crying soon

Written by Brian May and sung by Freddie. Only his voice and accompaniment by the piano. I love it because of how simple it is.

Now That You Got Me - Honeymoon Suite
Honeymoon Suite is a Canadian hair metal band and it was the first tapes that I bought. Hair Metal is another love of mine and you never forget your first love and Honeymoon Suite was mine. The whole album is pretty good and I still listen to it but I do it now for more nostalgic purposes. This is one of the better songs of that album. My tape finally gave out and I bought the CD on eBay from Canada.


  1. LOVED this post!! :) I love your taste in music!

  2. Very eclectic list of music!! I've definitely got to use this idea for my blog!!