Dec 20, 2010

The Breinholt Family Christmas Party

Every year, the weekend before Christmas the Breinholt family gathers for our annual Christmas party.

Merry Christmas!

And we almost didn't make it. It was very snowy and treacherous driving through the canyon but we made it and we even made it on time!

One of the things that I enjoy the most is watching all the cousins play and open the gifts from each other. Seeing their eyes light up when they rip the wrapping paper off and seeing how happy they are receiving a small but very thoughtful gift. It means much more to them that the gift was given to them from their cousin.

When the family was smaller, I used to participate in the gift exchange and I was surprised at the gifts that I got. Each one was extremely thoughtful, I remember getting a Green Bay Packer CD, a Jets crystal, a case of Mountain Dew Livewire, a bunch of Star Wars Pez Dispensers, Pictionary, a Princess Leia action figure from some of the past Christmas parties. I know I got many other things that I cannot think of from the top of my head. It is not the gift itself that made me happy, it was the thought behind it.

I thought it was so awesome that Cassie gathered all the cousins together in the front room.

Logan had Kellie this year and he made a pair of earrings and bracelet for her. She was so excited to get it. She went over to Logan to have him help her put the bracelet on. Her older sister Cassie told her that she should go and hug Logan and Kristy for giving her such a special gift. Cassie must still have some Anti-Matt Agenda still going. I snagged a hug from Kellie anyway.

Logan was quite happy with his gift. He got a science kit.

See how happy everyone is? You can tell that Cassie and Kellie are sisters. They giggle the same way.

I know that this Christmas party was a little more stressful than some of the past ones. I hope that I was not a cause for this stress. If I was, if I offended anyone, please forgive me. I apologize, it was definitely not my intent to offend anyone.

Thanks to Mom and Dad for hosting the party and for the gifts we received. I will make I put them all to good use!

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  1. That's a cool tradition that you have with your in-laws. It looks like everyone had a terrific time!