Dec 6, 2010

Christmas Music

One of the reasons why I chose to join my church choir was for the chance to sing Christmas songs. This year we are singing a couple of songs for our Christmas program. We are singing One Small Babe, Silent Night and Away in a Manger set to the tune of How Firm a Foundation. I am looking forward to singing these in just a couple of Sundays.

I love Christmas music. It is always so uplifting and happy. One Small Babe is a fantastic song, one of the Young Women is singing a solo at the beginning and she fits it so perfect. She has a real sweet and innocent voice that is so pure and I have to admit that it chokes me up a little when I hear her sing it.

I discovered an album of Christmas that I absolutely love. Christmas with Weezer.

It has most of my favorite Christmas songs that is set to more of a rock and roll feel. It doesn't feel out of place and it does not feel that it disrespects the music either. I might have to figure out the bass guitar for this.

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