Dec 11, 2010

Saturday Night Date Night

Kristy and I don't get out very much. I am a homebody, I like being at home and I could stay here for days without leaving. So we never have much need for babysitters since we never leave. Seriously. Almost all of my family begs us to watch Logan while we go out.

Tonight we were invited to a friends home for a small party (so it is not really a date night but it was a party without kids so I am counting it). We thought about asking my mom to babysit but it was her birthday and we didn't want her to come down to Logan twice. So we thought about asking one of the Young Women to come over. So we talked to Kara, one of the Young Women that lives across the street and she said she was more than happy to come over. Logan and her were going to bake cookies here. Kara arrived and she asked if she could take him over to her house and we had no problem with it. So Kristy and I left knowing that Logan would have a great time over at her house.

A few hours later we went and picked him up. I was glad to see that Kara's friend Taylor was there as well. And I was happy to find out that some of the other neighborhood kids came over and played too. They are such cute girls, I know that not only would Logan have a great time but he would be well taken care of.

The girls were excited that Logan wanted to bake cookies with him. That son of mine is going to get a TON of cookies if he keeps this up when he gets a bit older.

They made Red Velvet cookies and played the whole time. Kristy and I stayed for a few minutes to chat with the girls and before we left they gave us this card.

I hope they are okay with me sharing it but I just had too. First of all, I am very glad that these girls thought my son was sweet, cute and helpful. But I am also happy that these girls took the time to make a card and say such sweet things.  Once again these girls are such an example to me. The funny thing is that I will never be able to top them. No matter what I and my family do for them, they will always do something for my family and I back that I can never repay. I wish I had a picture that I could share here as well so you can put a name to a person. I also think that it is funny that Kristy is now nicknamed Sister Coca Cola.

I am very blessed to be living here in this neighborhood. I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful people help and befriend my family and I. These two girls are such great examples to me and I look up to them quite a bit.

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  1. That was AWESOME!! The youth these days just amaze me! These girls sound great- so glad you are surrounded by great people, including your family!