Dec 17, 2010

Football Family Rivalry

Nothing like sports to stir up a wide variety of emotions. My family is into sports and I was very happy to hear that Kristy's little brother Steven liked football. At least I had someone in the family that I could talk football with even though he was only thirteen at the time.

I have to hand it to Steve. He is a Detroit Lions fan. I thought I had problems and issues being a Jets fan. At least I had another fan to commiserate with. I was used to losing (when I married into the family, my team was coming off a 1-15 season) and Steven's team had the great Barry Sanders.

And then one Sunday afternoon, things changed for both of us forever.

I was down in West Jordan staying over with Kristy just a week or so before we were married. I had to go to church with the family since their Bishop wanted to speak to me. After a quick visit, I ran back to Kristy's house to catch the last week of the NFL season. Steven's Lions were facing my New York Jets with the playoffs riding on the line. Win and you are in, lose and you go home.

During church I took the opportunity to pass this note to Steven:

And he of course sent me one back.

Ever since that day, I have carried these notes with me. We drew those notes back on Sunday, December 20th, 1997. Unfortunately the Lions intercepted the ball in the end zone and the Jets went on to lose that game. Barry Sanders ran for over 2,000 yards in a season that game. So Steven won that round.

But then I present this:

I may have the legacy of Rich Kotite with the Jets (only one season) but Steven has had to endure this man for eight long, sufferable years.

This blog is dedicated to my great brother-in-law Steve. He is a TRUE Lions fan.

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