Dec 2, 2010

Upon Further Review: Week 13

It's that time of the week already! What a fun season this has been but I guess every season when the Jets are doing well are fun seasons. I know that every week I say the same thing when I say that I am looking forward to the games but this week I really mean it! I cannot wait for Sunday Night and Monday Night Football!

I did a bit better last week scoring 11/16. And once again the 49ers screwed me over by actually winning a game and the Raiders screwed me over by not winning a game. Just what the heck should I do with those Bay Area teams?

Houston at Philadelphia:
Houston looked pretty good last week against the Titans but that was against a 3rd string QB. Philly looked horrible against the Bears but I think they can rebound. Home field advantage takes this game.
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

New Orleans at Cincinnati:
The Saints have to be careful, this is a trap game for them. Especially since they are facing the disappointing Bengals. The Saints should take this game with ease.
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Chicago at Detroit:
The Lions should have won that first game, the officials totally made the wrong call. This will be a close game since this is a trap game for the Bears as well. While I do think the Bears are good, I am just not convinced until QB Jay Cutler has a few steady games under his belt.
Winner: Chicago Bears

San Francisco at Green Bay:
I swore I would never root for the 49ers and it is a good thing they are playing the Packers this week. That way I don't have to pick the 49ers. Look for the Packers to vent their frustration on the hapless Niners.
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Jacksonville at Tennessee:
The Jags should have had that game last week against the Giants. And they really need this game this week to keep the pace for 1st place. The Titans look like a sinking ship and I expect them to play hard but there is too much drama.
Winner: Jacksonville Jaguars

Denver at Kansas City:
Oh boy this could be a very fun game to watch. You know these teams hate each other and you know that head coach Todd Haley hates the Broncos. It wouldn't surprise me if the Chiefs run up the score. I think the Broncos are fired up for this game but the Chiefs have too much talent.
Winner: Kansas City Chiefs

Cleveland at Miami:
This could be a fun game too. Miami looked really good last week on the road but Cleveland just has a scrappiness to them. This game could easily go both ways but I am thinking being at home will be the key.
Winner: Miami Dolphins

Buffalo at Minnesota:
I don't know how the Bills keep fighting so hard. Where is this gumption coming from? I admire them quite a bit that they will fight for everything. If only the Vikings has such gumption. Unfortunately for Viking fans, I am smelling an upset.
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Washington at NY Giants:
Divisional games are so awesome. The Giants escaped last week with a win but they should have enough confidence to win another one at home.
Winner: New York Giants

Oakland at San Diego:
I was very impressed with the Chargers performance against the Colts last week. They should easily dispatch the Raiders this week. But then again, these are the Raiders. I think I have picked them wrong the most. So they should win right?  Wrong.
Winner: San Diego Chargers

Carolina at Seattle:
I am glad I don't have to watch this game on TV. BORING!
Winner: Seattle Seahawks?

Atlanta at Tampa Bay:
Tampa Bay is definitely an improved team but they are just a smidgen outside the good teams. Atlanta is playing the best ball in the NFC. This is a trap game for the Falcons as well.
Winner: Atlanta Falcons

St. Louis at Arizona:
How embarrassing are the Cards? I am ashamed that I picked them 2nd in their division. And if no one wants to win this division, I will take it. I loved Jon Gruden last Monday night and I agree with him. The NFL should disqualify any divisional winner that does not have a winning record and give that playoff spot to another team. I think the Rams might disagree since they have the best chance of taking the NFC Weak Division.
Winner: St. Louis Rams

Dallas at Indianapolis:
Dallas should give the Colts fits. If Romo was healthy, I would give this game to the Cowboys. But he is not so I guess the Colts.
Winner: Indianapolis Colts

Pittsburgh at Baltimore:
Oh baby! This game will be ugly! Lots of smash mouth talking and hitting. Just the way I like it. It is hard to see that the Steelers be swept by the Ravens but I just have this feeling.
Winner: Everyone! It will be that good of a game.
Actual Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Monday Night
NY Jets at New England:
The Jets have not lost on the road, the Pats have not lost a home game in like forever. Something has to give! This is really a playoff game. Whoever takes this game should take the AFC East. I have a hard time imagining the Pats being swept but it could happen. The Jets could be starting to peak, the offense is finally exciting and the Pats have a hard time stopping the power running. The Jets defense will have its hands full but with no play maker on the Pats anymore, the Jets should be able to control the Pats.
Winner: New York Jets (yeah, my heart is in this one all the way; I have to be bias)

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