Feb 1, 2010

Comic Book Day!

Day 93

Today is Comic Book Day!

I love Comic Book Day. I get a nice package once a month in the mail filled with tons of exciting comics and tradepaperbacks to read. I used to visit a local comic shop every week to pick up goodies but sadly those days are behind me. Nowadays, I buy all my comic books online (at HUGE discounts) and I have them ship them once a month to save a couple more bucks. But the excitement of new books has never changed. I still get giddy when it comes to getting new books.

Comic book collecting has certainly enriched my life and has also given me a place I can go anytime to just escape and relax. It can be quite an expensive hobby but it is not like I will only read these things once. Every month when I file away my newest books I also grab books that I want to re-read and I will read them during the course of the month. Which is another thing that I love to do. I strap on my iPod and grab a Mountain Dew and file away for an hour all by myself. At the peak of my collection, I had about 10,000 books but now I am down to about 6,000 or so. Lately my quest has been to filter out my collection and keep only the stuff that I really like. While my comic collection is down, my collection of hardcover and trade collections has skyrocketed. I have about 500 of them.

But of all the times collecting comic books, today is the best day of all. I sit on the couch and I sort through which books I want to look at and then I thumb through them. After I go through them all, I then pick out a few and I will read them cover to cover.

So if you call and I don't answer the phone, you know why. I don't like to be disturbed during comic book day.

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  1. A great way to relax and unwind! I'm glad you are still an avid comic collector!