Feb 6, 2010

Sunday Confessional: QB Controversy

Day 99

DISCLAIMER: My wife blognapped my blog!

Well, it's the Super Bowl today. Last day of the NFL season. Tomorrow in our house there will probably be a more somber mood as Matt puts away his NFL attire and starts counting down the days until the draft, and then until preseason starts. Today, he forgot to sign out of blogger (again). And so, being the loving wife I am, and knowing how much he wants to focus on the game today, decided that I would write his blog for him.

Being the last day of the season, I decided to blog about an ongoing discussion we've been having this year as we watch football. Who is the best looking quarterback? The top two places were easy to pick, and we both agreed on them. #1 Brett Favre #2 Kurt Warner. There is one, maybe semi good looking quarterback, that isn't even discussed. He would never make our list. Being rivals with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is automatically kicked off the list, no matter how many GQ magazine covers he's on. This is where the debate begins. Matt puts up a fight for Drew Brees. He's been a big Saints supporter this year. Because he saw their potential, bandwagon, or for their quarterback? Who knows? We do know that we could agree with Donavan McNabb, Tony Romo and Carson Palmer being somewhere in the top ten. (Disclaimer: This can be a hard thing to judge since you see them when they are sweaty and have "helmet head". And, the pictures they have aren't always great pictures either. But, here they are anyway.)

The other debate that was quickly agreed upon was the debate over the least good looking quarterback. We didn't rank them, we just know that we agreed that they are Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler.

But then, there is the Peyton vs. Eli controversy. Matt says Eli, but I say Peyton. I think his commercials sway me, because he just makes me laugh. Besides his team is in the Super Bowl and Eli didn't even get into the playoffs.

Can't wait until next year. I think we should rank the wide receivers. Until then....Go Saints!!


  1. You turkey.

    And I still think Eli is better looking than Peyton.

  2. Are we going to be judging the butts of the "wide receivers"?