Feb 26, 2010

List-Mania: T-Shirts

Day 118

If I had the money I would be buy a T-shirt once a week. But they would have to be special T-shirts that are unique and funny to me.

So here are my top 5 T-shirts that I want to own one day and presented in random order.

Annyong! The only drawback of this shirt would be having to explain it.

Anyone know the company Weyland Yutani?

Now everyone knows how old I am.

I don't have many yellow shirts. How awesome is this one?

Yes, that is Banshee there flying in in the middle.


  1. I love the Annyong t-shirt!!! We love Arrested Development! I'm assuming that is what this is in reference to! The Pitfall T-shirt is pretty cool too- although it does date you!! ;)

  2. Hey thanks for the ideas... your birthday is coming up!

  3. Yes! Another Arrested Development fan! I love that show so much.