Feb 11, 2010

School Daze: First Grade

Day 103

Later this afternoon I get to meet Logan's first grade teacher for Parent Teacher Conference. We'll see if Logan has improved since last time. He is a talkative little turkey and has been warned and got in trouble a few times because he would rather talk than work. Which is funny considering there was a point in his life where he was shy and wouldn't talk even to me! I am glad that he is social but it seems he goes a little too far at times.

Then it got me thinking. What was I like in the 1st grade? In going through my files I found an old booklet that I made in the 1st grade that is all about me and I also found my class picture and my report card.

Like any kid that grew up in the 80's, I loved Star Wars. I guess some things will never change. And I still love bunny rabbits!

I remember really liking my 1st grade. I had a small crush on my teacher, Ms. Job. And I remember being crushed when her husband came to class one day. She was married! Now what am I going to do? I had some good friends in 1st grade.

Can you see me? The first girl in the front row with the large bob haircut was named Amy. She had an exact twin in the other class and you know what her name was? Lamy. I am not kidding, Amy and Lamy. The middle girl on the first row was Jackie. I remember that she could color like nothing else. I used to get my work done quickly in class so I could scoot my desk next to hers and share my Star Wars coloring book with her and she would color with me. It was either her or Leanne that I would color with. Leanne is the girl in purple, 2nd from the right end on the first row. I know this totally sounds rude but the girl next to her (and you could see the space in between Leanne and her) on the end was Ruby. She would eat her boogers in class so everyone hated her. Kids can be so cruel! I hung out mostly with Kirk and Gary. They are the middle boys in the middle row. Gary would move away but I stayed friends with Kirk until I moved away.

I still have a collection of some of the short stories that I wrote back in the 1st grade. Even then I loved to write.

I had a different teacher for gym and music. I was not a huge fan of gym unless we were playing floor hockey or gymnastics. I liked music quite a bit but I didn't like the teacher Ms. Norenberg. I thought she was so mean. But as you can see from her comments, even at an early age I loved to sing.

This comment from my gym teacher makes Kristy's cry. I hated to run back then too!

Not that I am tooting my own horn but I was a pretty good kid in the 1st grade.

But just wait...


  1. That will only make me cry if it comes home on Logan's report card. After all, he's my kid.

  2. WOW! I am glad that mom kept your stuff. It's cool.

  3. That's amazing that you have all of these things saved from your school days. I feel bad about the one comment, but in my opinion "track and field activities" are highly overrated! It certainly doesn't carry a lot of weight in the current job market!

  4. I think it's awesome that your favorite time of the day was noon and that your favorite clothes were Sunday clothes!!! I love it!