Feb 10, 2010

I Don't Want to Alarm You But...

Day 102

Camping is just something that I am not a huge fan of. I can do it for a little while but then I feel like my body just starts to scream "GO HOME!" after a few days. I like nature, don't get me wrong, but I don't like feeling dirty. My family and I used to camp but it was out of a tent trailer and it was only a few days. Kristy's family on the other hand loves to camp and will camp for at least a week.

So every once in awhile I will go camping with the whole Breinholt clan (or as much of them as can come). I remember one camping trip in particular and I remember it only because I have a couple of pictures of it.

So on to the highlights.

-This was one of the first major family events with future sister-in-law Andrea. In fact this blog entry is named after her. For some strange reason insects were her best friends throughout this camping trip. She would be attacked by huge moths and accosted by these large bugs. Every time we saw Andrea we would say, "Now I don't want to alarm you but there is a rather large bug on your leg." She stayed pretty calm during the whole ordeal.

-Steven slept outside in this large burrito made of a ton of sleeping bags, blankets and was stationed on these lawn chairs. It didn't work out for him and eventually he had to sleep on the floor of the tent trailer. Kristy was pregnant at the time and she stepped on him a few times during the night.

-Kristy and I slept in the tent trailer along with the Bellowing Chainsaw Snoring tag team of Mom and Dad and Andrea slept on the small bed/table. Before we all hit the hay, Steven and I were Moth Slayers. It was up to us to remove all these huge hairy moths out of the tent trailer so Andrea could sleep peacefully. That didn't last either. Suddenly one night we heard her yell out and thrash around violently. Yup, you guessed it. Sure enough those moths found a way to get in and get her.

-We were pretty far up in the mountains and we expected to see a lot of deer and elk. We didn't see any but Aaron and Heather claimed they saw a ton of them. My brother-in-law Gregg informed us that "seeing 45 head of elk" was just slang for making out in the forest. Besides, you would think we would see them too. I am sure they went out a couple of more times to find more "elk".

-Speaking of elk, my nephew Josh is terrified of them. It didn't help that his dad and everyone else teased him about "man-eating" elk that roamed the mountains. Now with Aaron's news, there were at least 45 of them out there! So being the good uncle I was, I would tease Josh that elk were everywhere! So I found some branches that looked like antlers and I stalked him. I wanted to pose a picture of me chasing him but he was too embarrassed. So his little brother Ryan posed in it. But I managed to snag another picture of me sneaking up on him.

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  1. Who's that little 10 year old hispanic girl in the background? Oh wait, its me.

    I don't think anyone should take pictures while camping, nobody looks good after that long in the mountains!