Feb 24, 2010

Fight or Flight?

Day 116

Gosh I just love watching Celebrity Fit Club. I can always count on being entertained. This week's episode talked about conquering fear. So one of the obstacles the teams had to do was to escape a prison. They were all chained together and they had to beat down and cement wall, climb in a tunnel up a hill that was loaded with cement blocks and then the last part would FREAK ME OUT! They got out of the chains and they had to climb this tower. Okay heights and I are not friends but that was not the worst part. They had two attack dogs chase them and attack them. So you had to get a teammate up on top of this tower and they would send out a rope ladder. And you had to get your butt up there before the dogs came. But you could also run into this cage if you could not make it up the ladder in time. K-Fed (one of my favorite contestants) saw the dogs and couldn't get up the ladder so he bolted to the cage. The funny part was that he made it into the cage but the dogs got in too and mauled him. The dogs did have muzzles on them but still. Dogs and I are not friends at all. The best part is watching the reactions. I about coughed up my candy bar when I saw Sebastian do this:

You totally need to read VH1's blog about this show.

Later in the episode Harvey took Bobby Brown and made him conquer his fear of heights. It was pretty awesome.

So the question is fight or flight? Would you fight the dogs off as much as you could to make it up the tower or would you run? I posed this question to my wife Kristy and I should have known what she would have said about me.

And I thought I better blog about it before Kristy has a chance to do it. A few years ago I was in our den on the computer. I had just gotten up and was going to leave the room when Kristy skipped in. I didn't hear or see her. She yelled out something (it was probably "hi" or something like that) and it scared the blue hell out of me!

So... fight?

or flight?

I guess my gut reaction is to fight. Because I leaned back away from her and punched her in the head with my left fist. Now it wasn't hard at all, it was like I was pushing her away with my fist in slow motion. She had me cornered, I had no where to go! The funny thing is that my brain told me it was Kristy and I knew it was her but my brain also said "PUNCH HER!" Like I said, she was barely hurt, I was more scared than anything else and I was trying to get away.

So be aware. I will fight when confronted.


  1. He says it didn't hurt. He's not the one who got punched!

  2. No really. My knuckles were not even bruised.