Feb 12, 2010

List-Mania: Movie Guilty Pleasures

Day 104

At first I thought these columns would be easy to come up with but every Friday I struggle with it. During the week I will get ideas on what to blog about but then Friday arrives and zilch!

I was going through my blog and I came across a column about my favorite comic book movies and I mentioned Flash Gordon as an honorable mention and I called it one of my guilty pleasures. And thus an idea was born. I can list movies from my collection that for some strange and unknown reason I just love. They are cheesy and at times horrible but I can't get enough of them. These are not in any particular order.

Highlander 2
Every time I get ready to watch this movie I think to myself that this wasn't that bad of a movie. And every time I watch it I remember how horrible this movie is. The story itself was not all that bad but there were a TON of points that made absolutely no sense. The acting was phoned in and at times excruciating to watch. I normally like Michael Ironside but his villain here was just over the top. When a special edition of Highlander 2 was released on DVD I jumped on it hoping that this was the version that should have been in the theatres. And it was a little better, more tolerable. I think one reviewer said it best when he said "You can pour perfume all over poop to make it stink less but in the end it is still poop!" It is so bad that I will watch it at least once a year.

Homeward Bound
I don't know why I like this movie but I do. I can watch this anytime. I really should introduce this movie to Logan.

Moulin Rouge
I admit it, I like musicals and I heard that a Queen song was featured so I decided to give this movie a try. I will say that Ewan was the best part of this movie. There was a lot that I liked, aside from Ewan. I really liked how they featured popular music throughout the movie, I was surprised to hear Nirvana, the Police and others. I also really liked the costume and sets, this was a real pretty movie to look at. Very vibrant colors and detailed sets. Nicole Kidman on the other hand I just couldn't get into. At times her performance was extremely annoying but there were a few moments that were perfect. I also enjoyed the story, even though it was predictable. Musicals are hard to translate into movies. I have seen most of the musical movies that were based on live plays and I prefer them a lot more. Very rarely will I enjoy the movie more but I am glad that this was a movie. It would be difficult to shift this into a live musical with all the sets and the play within the play.

The Impostors
My dad loves this movie and he begged and begged me to watch this movie and I finally relented. It was late at night and my family was gone so I decided to give this movie a whirl. I laughed and laughed throughout the whole movie. I watched it again when it was not so late at night and I laughed through it again. It is hard to explain what this movie is about but it is a clever, well-acted, fun little movie. Here is a trailer of it:

Little Shop of Horrors
I know what you are thinking, another musical? There is so much I love about this movie even though the ending was not as great as the rest of the film. The sets were fantastic and it just seemed like this was a fun production to be a part of. I think this movie introduced me to black humor. I knew I shouldn't be laughing at some parts but I was. I remember one time after a Chess practice, the cast and crew went over to a friend's house and watched this movie and we all sang throughout it. I wish they would re-release this on DVD with the darker original ending.

Now I totally want to watch one of those tonight.


  1. I totally agree, Matt. I thought doing a list a week would be super easy but I struggle nearly every week trying to come up with something to list!! Oh well- I enjoy reading yours! And I LOVE Moulin Rouge- didn't think I'd like it but we love it!

  2. Love your guilty pleasures! I really enjoyed "Moulin Rouge" and thought Ewan was awesome. Nicole, in my opinion, did OK, but I think she should have got the Oscar nomination for "The Others" instead of "Moulin Rouge" that year.