Feb 21, 2010

Sunday Confessional: Cadbury Creme Eggs

Day 113

One of the reasons I love spring and Easter is the candy. Some people have a sweet tooth. I have a whole set of sweet tooths. And my favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Creme Egg.

I could eat a whole box of them. I have eaten a box of them at once. If I could eat one every day, I would. But for a time I was happy that I could eat them all throughout the Easter season. And sometimes I would be lucky to find them around Valentine's Day.

And then I made a startling discovery. And I will share this horrible fact to my North American friends who love this delicious candy. And I have photographic proof!

Did you know that in England you can have a Cadbury Creme Egg anytime? During the off-season they have a candy bar named Cadbury Twisted. Essentially it is a creme egg only in candy bar form and not in the shape of an egg.

What the crap?! Those lucky Brits can have a Cadbury Creme Egg anytime! They are so lucky. C'mon, United States! Get with the program!

And not only that. The McDonalds in England also come out with a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurrie! OH MY GOODNESS! I have heard rumors that you can get those in Canada too.

I think I will need to visit England sometime soon. I love that gooey stuff!


  1. I love those creamy eggs too! My favorite part is that they actually take the time to make the inside of the egg look like a real egg.

  2. The McFlurry looks yummy!

  3. How the heck did you find that chocolate bar?!?!?! I live in England and didn't even know about that. Before the egg season this year Daz was sent on a hunt thanks to you mentioning eating a CCE to find one for me. He went to our local shop and asked and the guy looked at him like he was mad, Daz then told him "My wife is pregnant and is craving them." the owner laughed and every time he sees me now points the the eggs that are out. I'm going to tell him off when I next see him and ask why not tell me about the bar?!?!!

    Oh and come visit us any time, we even have a McD's at the bottom of our road.