Feb 4, 2010

Sweet Dreams (Are NOT Made of This)

Day 96

I had my usual tornado dream the other night. This one involved my dad; who is a mainstay in my tornado dreams. I was in a large city and there was this huge storm in the middle of the night. I was all alone, I was waiting for dad to come home and I decided to sleep in the middle of the hallway because the walls were shaking due to the wind. The next morning was just as stormy and I ventured out to catch the bus to work. I was supposed to meet dad at the bus stop but he missed the bus. I saw him running to catch it. I got off the next stop and ran back to meet him. Then the storm became large again and we all took shelter in this Smith's grocery store. Above their flower/garden department was a glass ceiling. We looked up and saw a funnel cloud right above us. It descended down and hit the glass ceiling making huge cracks in the glass. We all ran away and the tornado disappeared. Then we heard another one roaring in and it hit the store hard. Then I woke up.

I dream about tornadoes all the time. I usually dream about them at least once a month. I am fascinated by them but at the same time they do scare me. I cannot view pictures of tornadoes without feeling this fear. I love to watch shows about them but I have to watch them with someone with me. I cannot be all alone. I really think that I have a real tornado phobia, called Lilapsophobia. I blame my dad for this but that is another story for another blog. In fact, they freak me out enough that I probably won't post a picture of a real tornado so I posted one of my drawings.

All I know is that if an actual tornado hits I will have no problem surviving one since I have survived and experienced a ton of them. I have never been killed by a tornado in my dreams either. So I should be able to survive one. I know exactly what I need to do during a tornado.

My wife Kristy hates to hear about my dreams since they are rarely good ones. Unfortunately, the rest of my memorable dreams have to do with me being killed. I have been shot and stabbed multiple times in my dreams. I could actually feel the blade in me and could feel my life slowly slipping away. So I don't fear death either. Unless my death has to do with a swarm of spiders. That totally scares me.

But I did have a memorable dream that surprisingly had nothing to do with tornadoes or dying. Many years ago when I was in college I had a dream about this girl. During the dream I was racing around Europe trying to find her so I can marry her but that was it, nothing special. I dreamt that I eventually found her and I spent the rest of the dream trying to get plane tickets. So again, big whup.

A few weeks later I was sitting in my theatre class at Utah State and in walked this girl. I kept looking at her because I thought I knew her. She looked so familiar to me and then it hit me! It was the same girl from my dreams! Seriously! I told my buddy Lared about this and he told me I should at least talk to her but I totally chickened out big time. I sat as far away as I could from her. I never got to know her and I never even found out what her name was. It was so awkward being around her.


  1. I don't think I've ever really had a nightmare... Daniel has them all the time- the same type you have like he dreamt he was lying on the chair covered in blood etc. Gross stuff. I wouldn't ever want to go to sleep!! I like your drawing of a tornado better than a picture of one! :-)

  2. Wow! Awesome blog (love the title and the picture of Annie Lennox!) You have a vivid memory of your dreams! That is so cool (and freaky) that you'd dream about a complete stranger and then see her in school! Very "Twilight Zone"-esque!

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  4. I didn't know you were so scared of tornadoes, sorry I had a picture and live coverage of one we lived through!

    As far as the nightmares... where did we get that from? It has to be genetic, don't you think? Maybe we have blocked out some deep, dark family secret? Should we go get hypnosis therapy?