Feb 23, 2010

School Daze: Dead Man Walking

Day 115

I was almost killed while attending Killarney Junior High school. I guess that wouldn't have been so bad. As far as I was concerned, I was already in hell.

But seriously, I thought I was dead man.

I hardly had any friends at Killarney and the few friends that I had were not the greatest either. I was lucky enough to help a kid in my grade with some work and he was one of the kewl kids and that offered some protection but I was still picked on. Every day was hell. I didn't know if I was one of the kewl kids and left alone or if I was to be subjected to harassment and brutality. And one day I got both.

The day started normal enough. I was teased but it was not too bad, in fact it was one of the good days. Towards the end of the school day I was invited to hang out with the kewl kids. So I thought my day was made. I was safe.

Then one of the other kewl kids named Bradley said he had something important for me. He said that one of the kewler kids named Mark needed to pass a note to his girlfriend Sylvia. Brad said he couldn't do it after school so he gave me the note and asked me to do it. And I happily (and stupidly) took the note wanting to prove that I can be counted on. After school I raced to the other side of the school and looked for Sylvia. I found her and handed her the note saying it was from Mark and I fled from the scene. And I was thrilled. This should now prove that I can be a kewl kid.

I never read the note and perhaps I should have. But the note apparently was not a nice one. Sylvia was horrified and told Mark. Mark was super angry and told everyone that he will kill the kid that gave her the note. Yup, that was me. I lived in fear for the next five days. And then we had an assembly and she came in with Mark. I thought this was it. I am a dead man.

She looked at me and I smiled nicely back at her. I am positive that she knew that it was me that gave her that note. But for some reason she never told Mark. I knew she didn't because Mark was a little psycho and no matter what she said he would have killed me. So Mark never found out and Brad's evil plan never came to fruition. But I was afraid for my life for the rest of the year until I met Lori. And suddenly I was safe again. At least for the time being.


  1. I didn't realize you had such a bad time at Killarney. I hated my years there too for the same reason. Maybe some day I will blog about them, but most of my stories are too horrible to talk about!

  2. I'm so sorry! What an awful experience! I had some pretty awful experiences in junior high, but yours takes the prize.