Feb 8, 2010

Hockey Night in Canada

Day 100!

Did you see that I got Blognapped yesterday?

My wife did a guest spot on my blog yesterday and what a good day to do it on since I was so busy with Super Bowl Sunday. Next time I will make sure that I am all logged out of everything!

Many people assume that the NFL and football is my all-time favorite sport but that was not always the case. When I grew up it was all about the NHL and my hometown heroes, the Edmonton Oilers. I was lucky to be born in Edmonton in 1974. During my youth the Edmonton Oilers RULED the hockey world. I was there with future Hall-of-Famers, Glenn Anderson (my sister LOVED him), Paul Coffey (my favorite player), Grant Fuhr, Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri and Mark Messier. And there never has been a team like this since. They still own a ton of records and will go down in NHL history as one of the greatest dynasties of all time. Some of my favorite memories is watching Hockey Night in Canada a few times a week to watch them play. We'd drink Slurpee's and sometimes eat out and watch the game. I really miss those days.

When I loved to the United States sadly the NHL was just not big enough here that I could follow my team. Games were rarely played on the television and eventually I lost interest because I couldn't pick the scores and headlines.

But I still loved hockey. In fact I had the opportunity to see the hated Calgary Flames (Edmonton's archenemy) play the US Olympic Team here in Salt Lake back in 1992. Between the 2nd and 3rd periods I ran down to watch the Flames get off the ice and enter their locker room. I yelled and screamed at them and proudly showed them my old Edmonton Oiler jersey that I was wearing. Boy they didn't appreciate that. One player said, "those ******* are everywhere!" and another one banged his stick on the glass and pointed it right at me and hurled every profanity-laced insult my way! It was awesome, I HATE the Flames!

I don't follow hockey as much as I used to but I will catch highlights on ESPN and will watch a few games when I can. I will always watch the playoffs when they come on even if my team isn't in them.

A few years ago during the 2002 Olympics here in Salt Lake City, the NHL had an exhibit of all the NHL trophies and the Stanley Cup. Kristy and I drove to the E-Center and walked around and looked at all the trophies. The NHL has the best trophies in all sports. I was able to touch and locate the Oilers on the Cup. I was going to lift it above my head but they has a sign warning us not too. Take a look at these cool trophies.

And one of these days I will get me a new Oilers jersey.


  1. I LOVED that you got Blognapped!! So cool! :) I also loved hearing about your experience at the game at the Olympics- good for you!! I love reading about this kind of stuff! Jenn said it on my blog and I will say it here... I wish we all lived closer- you guys are so awesome!

  2. Great pic of you and the CUP!

  3. You have 2 day 76's. Feb. 9 should be day 101. Hope this helps :)