Feb 17, 2010

Frodo's Parade

Day 109

I am so sorry Jill but I have to blog about this.

My first attempt at a blog was while I was working at WestHost. Blogging at that time was becoming big and our Marketing team was looking into possible blog software. So I installed a blog and began to write. And do you know what my first blog was about? My niece's poor dog Froddo.

MAY 17TH 2004
I wish I had a video camera. Wait, I do have one but I so wish I brought it and was taping this weekend. We were in Richmond for the annual Black and White Parade when I witnessed the absolute funniest thing I have ever seen.

My sister’s dog, Froddo was tied to one of those plastic folding lawn chairs. Right before the parade started, something must have startled him. He took off and dragged the chair with him. As he ran faster; the chair folded up and smacked him in the butt. That really must have freaked him out because he TOOK OFF! The faster he went, the faster the chair spanked him on the butt. It was a sight to see, I thought we would never see him again. He took off right in the middle of the road. I’m surprised that he was caught. The whole street was laughing and laughing. Poor dog. That was the highlight of my weekend though!

Again, I am sorry Jill. But you have to admit it. It was real funny!


  1. We so would be $10,000 richer if we had that on video. It would have won on Funniest Home Videos.

  2. I wondered how you were going to manage to get that total memory burn down in words... You did a great job. I was almost laughing as hard as I was when it happened!