Jul 31, 2010

It's Alive!

Day 273

Last Thursday my dad, Logan and Kristy and I walked up the canyon and did a little hiking. While playing in the river our camera accidentally fell into the river. My dad scooped it up quickly but it looked like our little camera had been sent to a watery grave.

Part of me is sad since I lost those pictures of us at the river and our memory card might be kaput too. But on the other hand I have wanted a new camera for a long time and now I have the perfect excuse to go look for one. I have been looking online for a new camera and I think I have found an affordable one that works with our old printer dock. I think I am more sad about the memory card than I am for the wet camera. I wondered if the camera would at least read the memory card and perhaps I might be able to salvage the pictures.

So I put the batteries back in and turned the camera back on.


Our camera still works and more importantly our memory card still works! Now I don't have to buy a camera even though I am still thinking of it.

My sister is right. My dad can skip any rock. I am sure he could skip that cinder block we found there too. We skipped rocks for a few minutes and then ate our yummy Quizno's lunch before we ventured into the river.

Most of the rocks I skipped just went right up into the bank.

Logan tried to skip some rocks. I tried to teach him but he is at that age where he already knows everything. I guess that age will last until I die right?

The water was nice and cold. It was strange feeling having cold feet and a hot head. That large rock at the top of the picture? That is where our camera decided to go skinny dipping.

It was a nice afternoon. After we played in the river we went into the small museum and looked at all the fossils and animals. For some reason dad's glasses really spooked the snake they had in there. We hiked a little further up the canyon and then eventually headed back. Then dad suggested we take a trip to Utah State University to get some Aggie Ice Cream. How could we say no to Aggie Ice Cream? And I am proud to say that I only had one scoop. We should do this more often, especially the ice cream part.

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  1. Yay!! Love the shot of Gene Wilder!!