Jul 11, 2010

Random Ramblings

Day 253

Last night my family and I spent the evening at Merlin Olsen Park with some of our neighbors. We grilled up steaks, hot dogs and chicken and it was so nice and relaxing. The weather was perfect and the food was great. I grilled the chicken and I must say that I did an excellent job. It was so juicy, I really should invest in getting a grill so I can cook it more often.

Awhile ago I mentioned doing an NFL blog for the upcoming season. I was thinking and planning some of it the other day. My first initial thought was to spotlight a different division every week and then have some playoff predictions. So I counted how many weeks I would need and then took a peak at the calendar to see when I need to start. I was shocked to find out that I will need to start this week! Which means we only have nine weeks until the season starts. Part of me is excited but part of me is feeling a bit overwhelmed since sometime this week I need to blog about it. I think I will debut it this Thursday since the NFL season officially starts on a Thursday. That will give me sometime to figure it all out.

I did whip up a graphic for my column and I think I have a name for it. I am not completely satisfied with the lettering and how it looks but I think that might be good enough for now. I am calling the column Upon Further Review as a play on what the referees say after they have reviewed a play on instant replay. That might change too but I kind of doubt it since I am a little pressed for time.

I did one of my New Year's Resolutions the other day. I got out my bass guitar and played it both the day before yesterday and yesterday and my fingers are killing me.

It even hurts to type. So either I need to practice more so my fingers callus up and get used to it or just give up the bass completely. I thought I did pretty well with it. I taught myself a couple of Tom Petty songs that I can play decently. My goal for this next week is to learn Dragon Attack by Queen. It has a cool bass line which will be difficult to learn but will be absolutely fun to play.

This week I am also starting my new book Driven which is the autobiography on the late owner of the Utah Jazz. I may not have seen eye-to-eye with this man and his decisions but I will say that I respect him for all his hard work. I am very interested to learn more about him and see why he made the decisions he made.

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  1. I'm impressed that you have taken up the guitar! Good for you! And I look forward to reading your "Upon Further Review" (great title!)blog. Even though I know squat about football I have a feeling that your blog will help even a non-fan like me understand and grow to love the game!