Jul 12, 2010

The Video Date

Day 254

I had a lot of fun dating in high school. I rarely dated the same person and my friend Damond and I would always try to plan creative dates.

For this date I was super excited. Damond was dating a fun girl named Brenea and I was going on my first date with this cute blond named Valerie. Interesting side note, both Damond and I were dating older women. Well, they were only a year older than us but we thought we were living dangerously.

We didn't have much planned for this evening. We were planning on making some treats and then playing DumbDamondGames(tm). For those that don't know, DDG was just a series of silly nonsense games. Usually these games would somehow get us closer to our dates physically. It was all part of the master plan!

Instead Damond and I had a flash of brilliance. Let's make a music video! We dug out an old video camera and we found an even older tape player. This tape player had reels it was so old.

And we found the perfect song to do. "One Bad Apple" by the Osmond Brothers. We also found some old clothes to dress up in and we found what we wanted to use as musical instruments. I guess I should have noticed it then but I dressed up to be a bass player. I used a yard stick and wore a baseball hat with a scarf tucked in so it looked like I had long hair. I don't remember what the girls wore but I do remember that Damond had a helmet on and used a wood gold club. He would sing the lead and the rest of us would sing backup. We only mouthed the words of course. Damond one time swung his "mike stand" (golf club) and about smacked me in the groin. We would do the whole song and then we would watch them after and make plans for new videos. We laughed and laughed when we saw that Damond almost permanently neutered me but what really made us laugh was you could audibly hear me go "Whoa". We made three different videos and had a real hoot doing them.

After the date was over and we took the girls home Damond and I would stay up into the wee hours of the morning watching our videos and we would talk about what we thought of our dates. We had so much fun on this date that after our LDS Missions we did it again with a different set of girls. I even reprised my role as the long-haired bass player. It was still a lot of fun to do but unfortunately it just wasn't as magical as it was that first time.

I wish I had a copy of that tape. Sadly, Damond's dad taped over it all. If I would have known he was going to do that, I would have bought him some new tapes!


  1. What a clever, fun date you guys planned! I bet the girls had the time of their lives. Great song selection by the way! "One Bad Apple" was the biggest hit for The Osmonds, going to #1 on the Billboard Chart for 5 weeks in 1971! Rock on! That sucks that you no longer have the tape...it must be time to "remake" it!

  2. I don't think he taped over it. I so remember that tape and the "woah"-it was hilarious. I'll have to find it at my mom and dad's and make you a copy - fun, fun memories.

  3. Denise: I would love a copy if you could find one. I don't think your dad erased the whole thing. But if I remember right he only kept a few minutes of it. Better than nothing!