Jul 6, 2010


Day 248

Zombies freak me out. I can really get myself freaked out thinking about zombies. I think what freaks me out about them is that anyone can become a zombie. I think what even freaks me out even more is that people you know, people you have close relationships can become a zombie.

So why do I have this weird attraction to the zombie genre?

I like zombie shows. The original Night of the Living Dead is one of my favorite movies.

I also like zombie comics as well and I have recommended the Walking Dead comic book to all my fellow zombie folks.  I will warn you though, this is not for the faint of heart. It is pretty gory and contains some extreme situations that some people might be offended at. If you have seen a zombie movie and like them, you should like this quite a bit. What sets this book above many others is that it is focused on the survivors and not the zombie apocalypse itself. You may never know what caused the zombie breakout and I personally don't care. I care more for the survivors and believe me, there are not that many. The author, Robert Kirkman is not afraid to get rid of some favorite cast members at any time. Oftentimes, the zombies are an afterthought. The real danger comes with those surviving with you.

And so I am stoked that AMC has picked up this series at a television show. According to Kirkman (who is very involved with the production) the only thing the show can't do is use the harsh language found in the comic. But that is it. Everything is fair game!  I cannot wait for this to start.

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  1. Zombies totally freak me out! I got so scared of the zombies in "I Am Legend" that I have only seen that movie once (and once was enough!) AMC seems to be the one channel that broadcasts really cool shows!