Jul 21, 2010

Tuesday Night Mario Kart Championships

Day 263

A few days ago my sister Jennifer came over with a big bag of Canadian candy she got me for my birthday. I have been really good and have not eaten them all already. Even though I have been severely tempted to do so.

Kristy has been off treats for the last couple of weeks. She is only allowing herself one day a week where she can treat herself with some treats. I don't want to eat these chocolate bars in front of her so I have not been eating that many treats either and that is a good thing. But on Tuesday nights that is a different story. Every Tuesday night it is just Logan and I. Kristy is involved with the Young Women in our church and is gone from six in the evening to Logan's bedtime.

So what does this have to do with Mario Kart?

We decided to do a little racing playing the wonderfully addictive Mario Kart game. We are on the same team and we choose 4-5 races and see which team scores the most points. Logan is much better at this game than he was a few years ago. Instead of just driving around and looking at everything he actually uses strategy and races to win.

Logan hates Rainbow Road but will try to conquer it for some chocolate.

Every time we won a series of races in Mario Kart we would treat ourselves with a piece of a Cadbury Caramik candy bar. That way I get my treat fix and I don't eat the whole candy bar myself and I also get to eat a treat without Kristy being around. We have done this for the last two weeks and will continue to do it.


At least until the treats run out.

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  1. That's a really cool picture of you and Logan together! This will be a great memory for him! P.S. Tell Logan that I hate the "Rainbow Road" in Mario Kart too! It totally sucks and is impossible to race on!