Jul 1, 2010

Greek Food Fest

Day 243

Yesterday we went over to my dad's house to celebrate my birthday and I forgot my camera. I hate it when I forget my camera.

It was a nice evening. We had Lemon Greek Chicken, Greek Potato Salad (it had red peppers and kalamata olives in it), baked beans from a crock pot, corn on the cob, pistachio salad and a boatload of olives and marinated cucumbers. And on top of that we had a German Chocolate Cake and an Oreo Cake. You have to trust me, the food was fantastic as always. I wish I had a picture of it.

While the food was good, the cards were openly mocking me for my birthday. We play a game called "Old Bob" and I was getting my trash kicked. I thought that my family was supposed to let me win? The cards were the only bad thing about the evening, that is until we got home.

I once got spoiled by my family. I got a Borders gift card (which I am spending this very second in another tab) and a Little Mermaid charm. Yeah, you heard me. My sister got me a Little Mermaid charm from when they went to Disneyland.

It is really, really tiny. When I get my baby girl, I'll make a necklace for her.

I also got a gift certificate to Famous Footwear from my dad and family. That was really needed since I rarely buy shoes. I am in terrible need of a nice pair of sandals and I might see what other shoes I can fit in. I am quite excited to do some shoe shopping. I cannot believe that I just said that.

When we got home, Kristy left to go do her water aerobics and Logan was complaining that he didn't feel good. I personally thought it was because it was past his bedtime and with all the running around and drinking four juiceboxes. He said he had to barf and I thought that was just an attention ruse.

Boy was I wrong. It was like something out of the Exorcist. And it wasn't just the barf.

By the fourth go around, Logan was dry heaving so badly. It was like a train wreck, I couldn't stop watching. Part of me was horrified and disgusted and part of me was strangely curious watching Logan wretch and contort his body like that as he dry heaved.

Poor kid. He is fine now and fell asleep after the last puke. Normally, I cannot handle barf. If he had pooped all over the place, I could handle that. But the sight and smell of barf really makes me gag. But I handled it like a man. I just turned my head when he started to heave and thought of the Little Mermaid.

Okay that last part was a lie. I wasn't thinking of Ariel, I just wanted to tie everything together.


  1. Wow, what a post! You mention great food and then a barf-fest! I was hungry and then I felt like I needed to throw up :) Gift cards are great to get as a birthday gift! As for the card game, that's totally unfair that your family didn't let you win (after all it was your birthday celebration!) Anyway, I'm glad Logan is feeling better!

  2. Poor guy... I hate when the kids throw up... it's worse than throwing up yourself. Glad he's feeling better and I love the Little Mermaid charm!! :)